Like P. Diddy, you can now enjoy this beautiful home in New York


Design and house

The American American rapper that was available for sale on the well-known Park Avenue was a complete building. Trip about the owner.

Apple Big is home to special properties. These include the prestigious Upper East building, Tommy Hilfiger, royal royal families, and P. Diddy in the 1990s. And it looks for a new owner. Price? $ 29 million, not 25 million eòr.

Madness of grandeur

As we say GQyou have the right to not & # 39; living at 2,200 m² of surface and 12 floors. There are 16 bathrooms for 27 rooms and several private platforms.

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The French site shows that the rent is & # 39; usually runs between 40,000 and 55 000 dollars per month. What does it do? profit case? P. Diddy, made just over 2 million profits at the time of the repository in 2004.
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