It is recently Lili Zagar celebrating its 38th birthday. A young manager who has not even been enough of her age, she is not responsible for getting older and numbers, but she does not. celebrating birthday with more fun. "I do not show her birthday but very difficult, but to a large extent, just in the circle of my closest," says the mother of two children, who are nine years old Tilna and five years Inye, and partner Mark Runs, also the headteacher. Children & Giving gifts for mom gifts, but Marko gave her Marija as a birthday, Lili does not appear. "Children are too small for me to buy gifts, but we always bring a nice picture. That means most of me. And, indeed, kissing and kissing. We give Mark a gift. "

Chef mama

Lily did not bake her cake for her birthday, but her daughter A baking of many birthdays always at children's birth. "I always bake cake for my birthday, except for my own," tells in laughter. A nice cake is attached to the home cake: "My mother has been trying to bake a fruit cake, and I know what it meant to me at that time as I was in my way. I also want to give my children the pleasure. The real cake is not particularly beautiful, but it's good and especially bewildered from the heart and a lot of love. "

In the family, Lili is not the only one who likes to turn the hobbies to cooking, Marko is well in the kitchen. "Marko is a master of meat and it's a steak that I do not eat, but the child is very much missed. I'm more interested in carbohydrate food," loyal to add sweetie Lily.