Lin Khanh Chi suddenly heard that her husband appeared alone


Phi Hung showed several reasons for his wife who never forgotten Lin Khanh Chi's backdrop because of her unexpectedly.

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Often, the audience likes the listeners for their love, suffering from each other to always be at all; featured on non-fragmented print-makers, Lam Khanh Chi and Phi Hung always for each other.

As homosexual and through a lot of life, Lin Khanh Chi was a very important woman, but as a result, Phi Hung's patience and he is always in love with the singer. any disagreement or ideas in life. However, everything changed when the two joined together in the "special test" of the Zhenqing.

Do not worry about spreading the message - 1

Lin Khanh Chi and her husband appear in her & # 39; Star Wars 4 Metamorphosis paper and are acquainted with marital life.

Do not worry about spreading the message - 2

Only in the first question about the subject "Lie", a Phi Hung list is the ones he put on his wife who created Lin Khanh Chi "to go back" unexpectedly.

Due to his lack of injury, Phi Hung said that his lie happy. In addition, the person also states that he is convicted of "painful" to make sure he is in a position; Every time you go with his wife to buy.

If you do not know how to spread the message - 3

Stopping there, there's a series of questions about MC Zheng Hua for Phi Hung doing "tells all the wives of his wife, especially when the singer is enthusiastic.

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Amazingly, when someone from a few people suddenly says "ever" strange, Lin Khanh Chi "angry angry" when the person "went out" his time repeatedly and again.

On the show, the artists have the opportunity to express the heart of their sisters "more often" in the face of the person.

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Unfortunately, the sweet thief in love is always really flexible so that the couple's love is more colorful, poetic. But the problem does not stop there, is that the lies are in love; make the person happy when they get it or open the debate when they know the truth? !

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Phi Hung continues to & # 39; share the Lin Khanh Chi lie.

MC Chen Zhen asked the first question "Men and women, who are poorer"She received an emergency response from Captain Lam Vy Da when she said that the answer was not necessary because men always have reasons for searching when they meet women.

Do not worry you listen to anamia - 6

Having been vindicated to human beings, recognize her & her; The Duchess of Thinh also have the bed to maintain pleasure in love, in marriage because women are stunning and jealous, sometimes lying They are always "medication" to take them confidence.

A fair feeling with Duc Thinh, Tran Thanh confirmed immediately "Weird women" And MC's men also "suffered" not to be smaller when they were " Hari asked the time he was lying. It is more spectacular, Director Duc Thinh also said that his wife was the "most dangerous inspector" in the family that he should not tell the words of a half-heart to "get" immediately.

Motivation: Put a bill blow for birth, the beautiful lady Lam Khanh Chi 4 houses still moved

The transsexual singer, Lin Khanh Chi, said she had to hire for the money to buy 4 houses at the same time.

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