Lin Yixiong's nuclear nuclear-nuclear referendum: The people want to vote in action | Politics NOWnews News today


▲ Lee Yixiong, who was chairman of the Further Democratic Party, said the people should give their views on the referendum. (Picture / reporter Chen Yuying photo. 2018.11.21)

The 16th case for the green referendum is built and proposes continuous improvement of nuclear energy. The former Democratic Chair of the Party of Yixiong, who has his non-nuclear belief, said long ago that the referendum on the First Battles was very happy and his; appeal to the public. They should be passionate about expressing their ideas.

Lin Yixiong believes that the referendum is very common in foreign countries. In a general election, there will be more than 10 referendums, and this is the most important way to give people's opinions. However, he did not comment much on his / her; nuclear case. "If we have to say more, now, the campaign has to eliminate a 30-year-old nuclear."

In 2011, the nuclear disaster occurred in Fukushima, which stimulated anti-nuclear wave around the globe. In 2014, Lin Yixiong had an uncertain strike because he opposed the construction of the four nuclear weapons. This also influenced anti-nuclear attacks in Taiwan. Many political figures and famous people respond.

For this referendum, Lin Yixiong respected the referendum results. As a result, he was dissatisfied with the results and continued to resist his challenges and ongoing campaigns. He also wrote that this referendum will send Taiwan to visit non-nuclear homes for many years. leaving, and nuclear power is reviving.

Huang Shixiu, who was the head of a nuclear nuclear referendum, said he was extremely depressing in the Yixiong narrative. Now it's already a few days before the polling day and the situation can not change. He believes that the situation of Lin Yixiong at this time is only to confirm to the world that it is "the DPP leave of the DPP." The DPP, the DPP who wanted to block the nuclear referendum from the beginning. Lin Yixiong could not know at that time, he did not speak it out. He just wanted to give his own ideas without being allowing people to choose.

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