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Lin Yizhen's vision: Is there a vote on the mainland for everything? Wind media

Reconstruction awareness of concern has been a long-standing concern for Taiwan's people. The Cai government is still unaware, who is still familiar with opponents, Offering mainland for everything, and # 39; Holding responsibility and misleading the people. Cai's government, who has no political responsibility, is not a regulatory party with shoulders and responsibilities. In fact, it is a policy misconduct and bad achievement, but it has made people a & n; Looking down on a disappointment to a careful minister. The Japanese tephoon, the uninhabited Kansai Airport, and the ability to see the owner, and # 39; preventing news from suffering from mainland, leading to hard diplomas to pay their lives; from the beginning of the county and a larger election campaign, Cai's government has been on Everyday quizzes Participating in this election, Chen Mintong, chairman of the Mainland Business Council, recently warned China's mainland that Taiwan's democratic system is not in place and should not oppose Taiwan elections and its barriers to issues within Taiwan. In order to stimulate the disadvantages that the candidates of their governing party are able to, preventing the opposing forces to include media without any evidence, and voice the network behind them, and to hear one of the red forces to appeal in Taiwan's elections, rather than Because the administration is weak, the cross-border links are not good, and the economy is in trouble. Every kind of thing, as shown again, increases the regulatory bureaucrats, which implies the power of the stack, and playing with power. He will only give Taiwan's democratic values ​​of words, but he will never give him the political responsibility that he deserves. There will be black calculations, political animation, and mourning again, a & # 39; doing everything to hit a crime. President of the Major Business Council, Chen Mingtong, said "China is not going to take part in Taiwan's selection. (Illustration by Yan Linyu) There is no doubt that cross-channel relations have already dropped in rehearsal. This is known to the people of the city, that is, there is no political dialogue, political trust, and it is difficult to adversely affect it and to regulate the wellbeing of Taiwan's people. Unfortunately, to give the best votes, we can take account of the enjoyment and security of the people of Taiwan, and inspire the other side, to disturb the enemy's feelings and the face of China, completely on the other side of the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan's security and the welfare of the people. Badly injured, …

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