Lindsey Vonn introduced bronze of the last race – – I cried every night. I just wanted to go home


ÅRE / OSLO (Dagbladet): – I do not think that many people do; Understanding the feelings I'm going through now.

Today, the most successful female alpine skipper, Lindsey Vonn, has today played her last race. America has been struggling with injuries, and now he can not carry his body.

Today she got a dream to finish her career. She took bronze in the river. Again, she discovered what Svindal yesterday did: Find out the best when it comes to:

– I'm not surprised. Everyone knows my opinion: I'm counting everything. Always. That's why I've won so much and I've fallen so much, Vonn said.

Aamodt complains to Vonn

Kjetil André Aamodt got Vonn's experience in his early career, but he was not as happy as he did. During NRK broadcasting today he said about his first meeting with the American star.

– I worked with her in the early 2000s, along with Pernilla Wiberg, and we did hard training. We had a Polish swimming director and we did a session of three hours. Then some of the tears came from Lindsey Vonn. I was doubtful, I was thinking, indeed "she has never been to win a skier." So the well-known scientist said that Aamodt was ugly.

Is there anything you want to say to Lindsey Vonn today? asked the leader of the Andersen Line program.

– I want to complain. But I'm thinking back: she was stayed with his Polish coach down Monaco there, who had 13 cats and was there for three weeks. He says a bit about her commitment. I trained with Wiberg to see where the list is, and it's one of the hardest and most obvious users ever seen, it's coming to an end.

That's how Vonn's remembers

Dagbladet spoke to Lindsey Vonn at his press conference, three hours and ran over the last line for the last trip.

Almost every time she went through the sea, Emphasizing people who wanted her last word. The whole family, the Lucie dog and the support system also got her final design in running equipment.

CLICK WITH THE STILE: Lindey Vonn Bronze caught her last race. Photograph: Hans Arne Vedlog / Dagbladet
STILE CLÀR: Lindey Vonn blamed her last race. Photograph: Hans Arne Vedlog / Dagbladet
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Vonn was in an obvious pain. She kept her back and said the neck was "very awful". She would also have to help up the final steps to the news conference.

Vonn believes that she was the pain she knew today, how she was familiar with the day in Monaco where she was; crying in front of Aamodt, who has designated his role.

– I remember that the training is good, Vonn to Dagbladet says.

– To continue its good ideas. We trained together and encouraged. At least five times. Maybe I'm shouting, but he stopped standing. So I think I have won that fight, 34-year-old, before I turned into a deeper illness of the hard training sessions that created her career.

– It was an interesting time. there. We trained with a Polish coach in Monaco. That's where I learned to & # 39; pushing my body really. I have never had so hard training and Aamodt is rightly saying. I called. I called on my phone with my phone; Dad every night and I said I wanted to go home. It was brutal, but I was and I learned what it was; meant to be tough, Vonn said.

She thinks that Aamodt remembers the story quite different if he had been trained more frequently:

– Aamodt saw me at the beginning of that change when I learned what it meant to be hard. For I've seen me at the end of these camps, telling it a completely different story.

LEGEND Meeting: Choinnich Ingemar Stenmark and Lindsey Vonn after today's race in Åre. This is an American final fan of the end. Picture: NTB scanpix
STATEMENT OF MEETING: Ingemar Stenmark and Lindsey Vonn met after today's race in Åre. This is an American final fan of the end. Picture: NTB scanpix
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Historic stroke

Throughout his job, Vonn has a great deal: being the best alpine sketch that won all the time. The record of Ingemar Stenmark has 86 world cup effects. Vonn has had 82 since her last victory in Åre in March 2018. She never reached that goal, but when she came to an end after the race today, she met to the boy from age 62.

Ingemar Stenmark was also in the target range, and at one time he threw a fictional bowling ball against Lindsey Vonn and the support device, which all fell as bowls. Strike to draw a good picture of the record that she never did.

– I've come to come here. I gave him a clear message in a number of messages. With CAPS LOCK and many releases, Vonn tells.

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