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▲ Chen Liren, Chairman and General Manager of the Housing Thai LINE. (钜 亨 网 资料 照)
▲ Chen Liren, Chairman and General Manager of the Housing Thai LINE. (钜 亨 网 资料 照)

Following its announcement of a first set of strategic partners on November 12, LINE Financial Taiwan today (21) invites Far EasTone and Taiwan Big Brother as strategic shareholders to go with the preparation team for the online bank license application. Xinye will keep 5% of the sections.

With two telecom companies compiling, the LINE Financial Taiwan team's set-up of the LINE Pure Online Banking team was structured, holds 49.9%, three financial companies with 40.1%, and both telecommunications companies with 10%. The Iron Triangle line includes: knowledge and knowledge in digital job areas, financial services, and telecommunications.

LINE Pure Online proprietors have a fixed structure, with LINE holding 49.9%, length & # 39; 4 of the financial industry, Taipei Fubon Bank has 25.1%, 5% of the Chinese Trust, General Banner and Federal Bank, and today connect to its; telecommunications industry. Far East and Big Big Taiwan, each one maintains 5% of the sections; Among them, Fuyin North and Taiwan have been a major player in Fubon Group, which is equivalent to the FUGU Caijia net line line at 29%.

In addition, in this section structure, LINE and the China Trust used to cooperate with LINE Pay in the past, and LINE and Yuanchuan also collaborated with LINE Mobile. They came into hands again in the relationship with "old friends." The outside world believes that LINE has a similar team base. Online banking can have additional points.

LINE, Taiwan's Chairman and General Manager of Chen Liren, said LINE has always kept an open mind, and hopes to bring business facilities with the LINE platform to build an innovative business ecosystem. In the field of financial technology, we hope to find interesting partners. Incorporating inclusive finance. The two telecom companies will come together with large telecom users and will also be able to access them. enhance team knowledge in large data and security technology.

Li Bin, Far EasTone's general manager, said that FarEasTone Telecom is committed to becoming the best contributor for digital consumer life, from LINE Mobile, a one-stop tele-communication service with LINE, in collaboration with technology services innovative financial. Far EasTone has established a closer link with LINE.

Li Bin said today's innovative digital life has become a development trend and a global financial business. In order to meet the diverse needs of consumers in terms of finance and network and promoting the innovation of financial technology, Far EasTone will add 5G, great data and work together. Gliocas, Internet Objects, and security and other business strengths, and LINE to build a strong financial digital life cycle, to provide more balanced real-time banking services to consumers to meet the new financial needs of consumers.

Zheng Junqing, general manager of Big Brother Taiwan, said Taiwan's big brother has changed to a new generation of network technology companies, and all of which includes the resources of the organization to play a strong advantage. This time, with 5% of the regional share, will support LINE Financial Taiwan together in online banking design, and is expected to be able to; using a variety of innovative technologies and security technologies such as telecom broadcasting capabilities and major information to create a platform of financial innovation by strategic stakeholders. Telecommunication data, community platforms and digital financial technology will link effectively to smart life advocacy services, and, Using technology to explore diversification business opportunities, and then transform Transformational Driving and the development of Taiwan's digital economy.

Chen Liren said that LINE Financial Taiwan had been working closely with the six partners to plan a business strategy for Taiwan's market features, and hopes to work with these financial businesses in & Financial industry and the telecommunications industry to develop different financial services.

In terms of its timetable for its & # 39; the application process, Chen Liren asked if he did not submit the application, he would be asked for by 2/15 the next year.

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