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On the 21st, LINE held a "LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2018" science and technology technology for developers in Tokyo, Japan, attracting more than 1,000 national developers. During the meeting, LINE Geun-bak "Next LINE" Patrick Technologies used to set the vision of developing LINE technology. These include technologies, tools, blocks and financial technology expertise. In addition, the "LINK Chain" blockage technology platform was officially announced, and it was announced that it was officially open to external companies and developers. LINE technology technology induction used in services.

Starting in 2015, LINE will organize "LINE DEVELOPER DAY" for developers annually. This technology event is a & # 39; offers a wide range of services for LINE, and also includes a wide range of services. LINE familiar communications software. There are more than 60 different business schedules based on "Next LINE", which share LINE's efforts in new technologies, and LINE engineers in operation on the # Diary of LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2018. A comprehensive knowledge and knowledge, and the vision that LINE hopes to achieve through these efforts.

LINE LINE 2018 Opening lecture

In the opening speech, the LINE technical paper, Geun-Bong Park, used the two "Connect" and "Mutually Beneficial Ecosystem" words to identify the "Next LINE" special value and stressed LINE. Technology attempts to complain in both areas of artificial data and blocks have allowed LINE services to continue to & # 39; grow.

Attach (Connection)

LINE hopes to connect between different online services, content, information, tools, and the world under the corporate line, not just mobile phones, but also a range of services such as speakers and cars, through a variety of applications interactive. Knowledge to make life is better than a user.

Both beneficial ecosystems

LINE hopes to create a platform that allows developers, users and LINE to benefit from each other, such as different APIs that are currently available or open to the public, or which allows users to know back after using the service. This ambitious route allows developers, users, and the LINE platform to go back.

Developers are open and businesses that use AI LINE technology (B2B business)

During the meeting, LINE officially introduced the technologies related to information such as OCR and NLU, and officially named the "Clova AI Tech Demo" website. Android attack technology developers attacked by LINE currently allowed on this website. OCR technology (Optical Character Identification) will use the conversation robot engine and AI technology to identify and translate images and characters. At present, this technology has been applied to the latest LINE test version. The screenshot in LINE will capture image or & # 39; push the image message to choose to change text or even translate the text in the image.

NLU (Natural Language Understanding) is an important technology that is currently used in Clova. It will open as an API. Developers of the API and the Clova Chatbot Engine can be used to make the LINE Message API. The problem of being able to deal with natural language knowledge has been resolved. In addition, LINE aims to incorporate a "voice chat" technology to the LINE context.

LINE will start the B2B technology of AI technology from 2019, and will open the LINE artificial information technology for developers and external ventures.

Clova AI Tech Demo

Based on AI technology developed by developers and external ventures, not only does voice recognition, channel categorization and retrieval of images are available, but the work "Clova Video Highlight "even to create special characters in a lively film. The "Clova OCR" features of natural processing technology and self-numeracy that were released at the International Conference on Analysis and Document Recognition. The Cova Chatbot building is based on this.

He officially released the "LINK Chain" blockchain technology platform

To achieve the "LINE Token" economy, LINE officially released the "LINK Chain" blockage platform, which is expected to be opened to partners and parties from the side Outdoors in spring 2019. Developers, allowing more providers of technology to provide the technology provided by this platform to make more of the services available; create numbers of job numbers.

More analysis of the use of blockchane technology that the "LINK Chain" platform to develop services, the most important benefits for developers and users,à

It is "obvious" and "safe." For example, at this time, users need to sign many of their terms and conditions when they are; using a variety of internet services. As a result of the different features of using services, how the device behind is also veryfrom

Sorry to know. For developers, if you want to use the feedback system to create an award-winning user, it is difficult to develop those systems. If you use blockchane technology, it will be difficult if you do not deal with the security.

In order to resolve this problem, LINE is trying to build a LINK blockage platform called LINK, and there will be more development and developmental development. Developers will develop the blockchane technology that the LINK Chain platform provides to use LINK. "Frame" can connect to their own defaid service, they will get better feedback on users and greatly improve their needs. improving the quality of the service, and creating a healthy and healthy journey, is the different ecosystem that is hoping to create a LINE.

Financial technology services

LINE Since the beginning of this year, a number of services related to financial technology, such as the "brat" page were released. This new feature can guide information especially such as credit cards or membership cards. In addition, he also made a global exchange of cryptocurrency (BITBOX) exchange. After this year's fall, he also allowed insurance, fast financial management and food services. He also introduced the account reminder work designed to be published in the future. South Westerly

LINE Why do you want to make financial technology? In Japan, cash payments are still the mainstream. LINE's view is that LINE has a high level of usage and valuation among Japanese users of mobile phones, and therefore provides services related to finance such as LINE, and is LINE as a mobile phone. A piece of puzzles that are necessary for port-glyc. LINE believes that there will be a "no money" society in the future, and digital payments will be increasingly progressive.

From the beginning of this year, LINE has published a number of services related to technology, such as the "barrel" as a "gold site" and "My Card" that is capable of directing an activity card activity in particular on the page barrel in Japan. In addition, LINE Pay is expected to have a & # 39; launches a new account memory memory (Japan only) for payroll on an e-commerce website, and will include the pre-registered address address and credit card information in the LINE with the user's permission . You do not have to fill in the membership information once and again when you buy on various e-commerce websites.

Although there are financial technology services, Zi is even more important. However, the boundaries of password management are. Users have no easy-to-use password reminiscences, but simple password is easily tidy by illegal elements. To solve this problem, LINE will move to "confirmation of any password". He intends to introduce biological identity technology as fingerprint and journal recognition. Fear is not forgotten and safer. I hope that all the LINE service can be used cheaper.

In LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2018, there are a number of important new technologies related to LINE services, such as AI, blockchairs, advertising platforms, infrastructure, security, data analysis and more. They also keep light discussions & poster sessions to allow LINE tools and developers closer dialogue. In addition, you can know the LINE services on the site, such as talking to Clova, asking Clova to start photos of your camera or, Play the new game "Play Facal" found through vegetables.

LINE will continue with its "promise" to take you away ", not only to close the user distance and information, services and objects, but also to Encourage LINE technology to partners further afield, and actively implement many and new Corporate communications services.

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