Linnea Axelsson will win the Ethiopian Prize for Ædnan



Linnea Axelsson will win the fictional book of the year

This is a cultural article which is part of Aftonbladet's journalism.

It is easy to be introduced from Sweden in slavery – threw ironwork on the boils! – but what do you do? Historical debt is difficult. The closest one comes to us, the darkness will become a moral vision.

How will we get out of our home sickness to the Sami country? Here, in some way, the cultivation and abnormalization of our racism are committed to our commitment; Looking forward, but the events seem to be too close to our self-image so that we can do nothing but not protect it.

Certificates can be helpful. Gesture can make things troublesome in a terrible way. Film, visual arts and music that have been enjoying it have begun to & # 39; giving themselves to the very successful Sami settings, but the literature is thereafter. Maybe can Linnea Axelsson great poems Ædnan (1.2kg) at first, amazing start. However, in fact, the book's best value is beyond a range of uses.

Linnea Axelsson self-communion, born in Porjus. She is an art scientist and has published a novel. IN Ædnan She continues the beautiful generations of three generations of Sami's rhymes from the massive movement for hundreds of years since then. The landscapes and living patterns are split off with modern. Today, young people are beginning to re-connect to roots, learn Sami again.

Norrland Uarach is full of stories, but the ones we have heard come largely from Sun settlers. The biggest work so far – Sara Lidmans post-rail – about today coming into the backdrop. Linnea Axelsson gives a vital profile.

The Augustjuryn winning poetry is very rare and should be honored. The fact is that the indigenous people are involved in Swedish literature. The Linnea Axelsson poetry craftsmanship is not just anxious, but to connect the story to the great literary world.

Photograph: Sara Mac Key

A poet is winning for the August award.

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