Lion just push the buffets to children were killed


Lion just push the buffets to children were killed

A mother lion protects the two in a ring; buffalo. Video: BBC.

Charm, the leading lion, successfully persecuted the angry buffalo about her two-week son killed in the # 39; battlefield and death in African grassland. Long RoomThe Post The conversation was recorded by a BBC team on the "Natural Dynasties" documentary on October 25.

Those who were watching the show were appreciate his bravery and the slopes. Others fear that seaweeders such as buffaloos can attack lions.

Wild feathers often kill young birds to weaken their lions, those who have been killed; before. In video, a giant wild buffalo will be in a & # 39; coming to her lion's lion, hiding under a tree in the Musiara sea in the Masai Mara desert in Kenya. Charm will protect both children and their children; attacking buffaloes that threaten, & # 39; Bringing her throat to the intention of turning the young toads.

Charm is Marsh Marsh leader. All an adult lion left, leaving Charmaine and his cousin, Sienna, a & # 39; struggle to protect and protect food. BBC film makers spent 18 months to & # 39; recording Kenyan Charms.

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