Lion King's & # 39; challenging Disney Remakes


Instead of asking what extent can be kept the same, the time is to ask how much can it be done differently.

On a grateful day, Disney allowed to hear invasion across the internet with the spread of the teaser to revitalize The Lion KingNext Time the rescuer has broken records in their ideas, and entering it as the second largest search; behind her first time Avengers: Infinity War teaser. The Director Jon Favreau also received the success of his former Disney remakes Book of the Jungle (2016), which included $ 966.6 million worldwide. There is little doubt that the variety of nostalgia and enthusiasm for Donald Glover and Beyonce show The Lion King grows big when it opens in the summer of 2019. Disney has beaten gold (again) by re-energizing their lively classes. Le Dumbo, The Aladdin, The Lady and the Tramp, and The Lion King to hit the next year, and Mulan currently being represented and set for the 2020 release, it is clear that the studio giant has not dragged this train down any time sooner.

But the way taken out of the Magic Kingdom has been largely unavoidable. The teaser for The Lion King He shot us for a recycling of the original animated film. As a test, it's cool. But as a separate project? The Lion King we need to do more in a past picture of our existing movie. Favreau may have been going up to the mills, and indeed the voice actors will be able to. gives the film a sense, but The Lion King I have to do a lot if he hopes he will be one of the few Disney remakes to go out of the shadow of the origin. With its first decade of Disney remakes and reforms designed, motions that started Alice in Wonderland (2010), it's time to consider what module they have done so far: Magic, or just a? remember him?

Although remakes and alterations in other species and other studios are often arrested for being essential and are usually not being pulled at a office; box (Star is born to be an incredible dependence this year), Disney often gets over. Whether it is because we are sorry to take the time back, because Disney is so big as it is a real identity, or because it can not We can stand up with the information that can be done to & # 39; Seeing an experienced IP return, Disney remakes have become some of their favorite films of global culture. We could stand up with the idea that we have; We have revived, but many of us have been attracted to those films. I easily understand that I am in the theater for each of these solutions and, in fact, I'm not over the truth. Mail & # 39; first movie I've ever seen Beauty and insect (1991), so how can I not show it? This idea is one that appears throughout social media, and any word search The Lion King they will bring forward the commitment to the upcoming movie, connected to the & # 39; they have love on her; first photograph in 1994 – love inspired by youth experiences or parental memories. We are a generation of growing children, parents and teachers with Disney in our blood. We are contaminated and we do not save us to prevent antidote at least. Disney knows this, and as a result, it seems that the remake plan is great for making good films in memory of nostalgia when many of us, like children, have great films for their & # 39 the first time. Disney offers cinematic producers to enable us to come as close as possible to revitalize experiences. But this may be the cost of new experiences, new memories, and ways of considering these characters and stories. Just like Disney is a part for us, it does not mean we're not sick.

For example, Disney remakes after 2010 Book of the Jungle and Beauty and insect (2017) has been very enjoyable, but they do not just make a dark choice, even if they add a little new wrinkles. I would be very dangerous to see that many of us who are familiar with the original and lively films are a get a lot of time with those repositories but they are not going to go to # 39; Feel that the basics are over. Kenneth Branagh & s Cinderella (2015) is an exception. Lily James & # 39; embracing its literary character; feeling, and although the recitation bits are similar to the first one in 1950, Cinderella disturbance to slippers and legs than with real human ties. Both the Cinderella and Prince Charming, Ella and Kit, who are experiencing a deep character, are not seldom that the changes of Disney's fairy tales are to; get. In many ways, it's a sense of how Disney's movie would have been done during animation revival Cinderella It was not changed as soon as it was.

At & # 39; (2014), Book of the Jungle, and Beauty and insect looking at what Branagh did Cinderella work but they are not growing so complex & # 39; The character is active in living. There is a special documentary handbook that works in animation to translate into a live business. Although Maleficent is connected to Princess Aurora and her sad friendship. Beast with his father just what the stories are needed to give a new understanding of these characters, the films are really involved in feeling on the surface and playing the musical rows and songs from the first indeed go out of the book. These films connect the visual element, but they do not. Successfully succeed in challenging these characters, or not, with the quality of a fairy tale that is not just morality; but something that makes it weird because it is not worth it. We can only imagine what Beauty and insect to watch and & # 39; Feeling that Guillermo del Toro has been involved, but accompanying the best fairy tale story, Water Shape (2017), he is sure he would have created a story, not for adults who are looking back to childhood, but for adults ready to accept the strange scary to the complexity of young.

Disney has tried to bring these stories closer to the age of adults and young people who grow up with the animated films in their first new and most recent reforms. Tim Burton & s Alice in Wonderland Alice's wife (Mia Wasikowska) saw her return to Wonderland, after refusing to tolerate a tolerant society, to repel her idle as a male. But Burton, who is successful in creating one of the best-known adult fairy tales by Daniel Wallace Big Fish In 2003, he could not go to the way around the world of Lewis Carroll and was captured in a & # 39; Finding meaning in a world that he asked. But Burton's explanation of the Carroll world was through the subjects in which the film was captured. Feeling empty in the end, despite being & # 39; earning more than one billion dollars around the world and streaming a series, Alice through the lock look (2016), who stands as the only remake of Disney's remake.

This year Christopher Robin Creativity was more successful, although not so financially, making $ 197.1 million across the world partly due to Pooh's face in China. Although the change of A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard & s Winnie-the-Pooh It is not based on a fairy tale, it was still influencing magic by doing it; gives some inspiration from Steven Spielberg. Hook (1991). By making Christopher Robin (Eòghann McGregor) an adult firmly enclosed, and placed in a world that is still in existence; feeling as a result of World War II, allowed the director Marc Forster to take some opportunities with the features for a very interesting and productive product. animals are very terrifying with striped animals. Although some critics were more interested in providing her homesickness, and her & her. criticize her sadness, Christopher Robin Give exactly what Disney remakes and changes should be after: considering what things children can give to adults, not to do so; go back, but by going on.

At this time, there are no financial risks to Disney who are involved in these remakes and modifications, and their time to have more of their films; Starting to showcase the creative dangers for that. Le Tim Burton & s Dumbo Originally on the gateway in 2019, Disney seems to be on the right track and the trailer is a recommends that the film can investigate how the loss and our characters make us stronger. With no fortune, we can see it Lady and the Tramp who will ask what it looks like to find love outside her & # 39; class and spouse, a Aladdin that's getting her hero to go & # 39; take responsibility for what it means to be & # 39; Getting three opportunities to control not only his reward but what happened to others, and King Lion who will investigate political decisions that do; Come by keeping the natural order of things and whether it's just. The animated films are not going anywhere and they have been told their stories and there are still listeners of all ages. It is the time to recognize the characters and the world as part of the myths of the world; and do not try to find out how well they are; as possible, but what extent can be done to help us explore and understand the world in new ways. These could be the films that children raised on the animated films could be better. Disney can not catch the magic of the time again, but they can give us a new magic and 2019 the test to see if they are responsible for the challenge.

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