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The French newspaper report is on the top ten players who play the highest goal in the game.

And there is no surprise that will guide the way …

Lionel Messi is the highest player in the world, Barcelona's star web has announced £ 7.3 million a month before tax.

The Argentinean is the premier advertiser in La Liga this season and has won five Ballon d 'Ors.

In the second place also, five members of Ballon's or Cristiano Ronaldo, who came to Juventus, won the summer summers of the summer. his nine year year in Madrid by Real.

The Princess star is not so close to Messi as you would think it was a wise salary, and what's it? earning £ 4.1m per month.

Antoine Griezmann is making up the top three after he has been able to go. snubbing Barcelona before World Cup to send a sign to Atletico Madrid.

It is worth £ 2.9 million in a & # 39; a new contract every month, which is underway under Ronaldo in its second place.

In a quarter, Neymar cost £ 2.7m with Paris Saint-Germain.

Brazilian is the most expensive player in the world when he converted to France for £ 200m in 2017.

His previous team Luis Suarez has just worked down at £ 2.5m per month.

Gareth Bale is the only Real Madrid player who plays the tenth of £ 2.2m.

Philippe Coutinho is the third Barcelona star that will make the list after his £ 142m conversion from Liverpool that he saw a land contract worth £ 2m per month.

At the moment Alexis Sanchez earns £ 1.99 million by Manchester United and is in the list in the list.

Kylian Mbappe is the youngest star in the top ten with a £ 1.5m contract per month.

It's a top-up Mesut Ozil that costs the top ten costing £ 1.4m, but can not always go to the Arsenal side by Unai Emery.

There is no representative at Bundesliga within the top ten.

Robert Lewandowski's best player is the best player. missed, but earn £ 1.2 million per month.

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