Lionel Messi will be flying his bag!


“For many people, my trip (with Argentina) is over, as did another team together (Biglia and Mascherano). These people can stop people worrying about whether I am called or not. Let them care for those who are present or who want to have a good choice. I want to enjoy my family. " Thursday night, Gonzalo Higuain caused a massive disturbance by taking off his international career. This Friday, Alibiceles is called Lionel Messi's version in an interview he was given on the radio 94.7 Palermo.

With the influence of commentators around Argentina's election, Barcelona's Barcelona star has decided to break the solitude. As to giving more weight to his partner's statements in election. The local media regularly ensures that the main character is an external focus on the determined context around it and selection. "It's been a good thing to say things about me. They'll bring this kind of thing … that doesn't surprise me, there's a lot of lies, things created, t he makes them angry, because people believe what has been said, " we drove over ten Barça.

Lionel Messi will reach the plate and defend the election from Argentine

It is obvious that the last ones to leave his bag are empty on everything he has suffered from removing Argentina at the time at the World Cup in Russia. Translation of a stigma within the strength of the Golden Fiddle Gold. “If we didn't get past the first time, it was one of the biggest failures in the national team. We have spoken to what we did. My family has suffered badly. I have friends, brothers, who are the victims of meaning. Everyone says something, people buy that one, and so I am the son of a … " tconfess to Messi. As long as there is an amazing interview, Lionel Messi is also talking about the damage caused by removing to Argentina at the World Cup. Then we find that the Argentine star has gone through a real problem last summer, all so full.

“I just thought I was alone, I called with my family, forgetting what I had been living. I was trying to keep my thing away from the national team, " he then writes Argentine. But after this escaping after the World Cup, La Pulga surprised everyone by returning to be friendly against Venezuela (loss 3-1). The decision is very well thought out despite the apology clearly displayed by the people around it. “I want to win something with the national team, I want to play all important games. Many people told me not to return. My family, my friends … My son asked me even why I killed them in Argentina, " t so is linked to Messi. The lead character also notes that he is not yet a key supporter of Luigi Scaloni's appointment at the head of Albiceleste. I have left the World Cup and I never spoke to anyone again, Scaloni called several times, and told me about the project, never to speak to anyone And the horse is Scaloni. " Without doubt, this media intervention has a role to play in encouraging Argentina … t

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