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▲ trouble courtyard courtyard? Korean Yu
▲ trouble courtyard courtyard? Korean Yu "sticky", Chen Qimai: "Lime Lime Drink!" (Picture / version from YouTube)

Former candidate of Democratic Party, Chen Qimai and Kuomintang candidate, South Korea, completed the same pre-election Kaohsiung debate and discussed heat. Ms. Xie Hanbing said the "Sanli TV" tax workers were the same day to put a meal to Korea Korea Yu, but there was a suspicion that the situation was not reluctant that Yu-Korea's performance out satisfied. So "Sanli TV" opened the picture on the same day. Remember that "there's no such thing as a bamboo balm, or Korean Yu bills," and the Rev. Xie Hanbing writes within 24 hours, or will be announced. As the storm grew to become fierce, South Korea replied to "there are really food bills that have a feeling of stick." Chen Qimai said, "I do not feel comfortable to see a doctor." It is recommended to drink honey lemon.

After the debate, Korea Korea Yu said he did not do well. In terms of Xie Hanbing's claim that tiny bites are causing concern? Korea, Yu, said the artist was not only able to help, powder on his mast. It was because the bills were dry and clean, but because of the simple and inconvenient speech, I removed the toilet paper in the middle of the debate. "I do not need to crafty interest. I think that the first minute of my first debate will be better than 40 minutes, and the prospect of the bills is better. And from the beginning to the end, I need to do something in the middle. Delete, not so bad! "

In this regard, Chen Qimai responded that the last political meeting he had had to print, this time he would have to do it; drag her bracelet and her & her; ask what situation was there. He also said that I had heard that Korean Yu had recently suffered from a bad tip and illness. It seems that he does not. feel good. He suggested that it is best to see a doctor if you have a drink. If you have time, it's not bad to drink a little milk lemon!

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