Liptans headed Zvolen: Our boys returned from Nicholas without a point


Liptovský Mikuláš's hockey players have become astonished when they win over the championship leader of Zvolen.

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Rastislav Búgel

Liptovský Mikuláš raised himself against the leader of the competition
A cultural event in Spišská Nová Ves, this time in Zilina and in the first one
Most played at her half. He was also a blame of four
The desserts made by the Liptovs, but its guests
in the last games of Góloo Sype, have surpassed Holly. skapski.
who got the host of the host gate, did not take much, but the Liptans
Showing some good toughs that lose better appearance.

Follow a good hockey at the fast pace of the second game, but
a spectator was waiting for her & her; first aim. Power will be played for change
In this third home, just a few of the pictures. 29 minutes into the game,
Lušňk was banned between the circles, but killed Holly's visit
On the other hand, Kriškova was killed 34 minutes into the game
the body of the player before Skapsky spap back from the ball. At 37 minutes
The home was defended in a situation when Holly fell out of the scroll ahead
He hits a hits and a minute later enjoyed their visit when Richard Huna was
found Roberto's backup, and closed up the score.

Selected from the beginning of the third part of the settlement, but e
Lušňák closed closure activity. After 46 minutes, the crew failed to go to; addressing good provision of routes to the right
but he defeated Holly's murder, who still killed Zuzin
He started, but Kytnár arrived for his back. But the people of the home are going on
they did not give up three points, got their move and finally got used,
when the hunters set the goal instead of the Hunovians and Richard left the left
Skapski. The house side got 56 minutes into the game,
Leipzans is caused by a large number of players on the ice, but home
protected. Two minutes before the end, the guests started playing without a visitor, no
They did not make clothes worse, so after six games were lost
they hit Liptovský Mikuláš 1: 2.

Voices after their game

Anton Tomko, coach Liptovský Mikuláš: "No one
It was not expected to hit Zvolen. We were organized and underpinned by success
enter the first third, when we came to live on the four president games in the Zvolencans. them
the huge benefits have been tough, and they do not know what helped us. We went to
ruled, then we collected, but after a fun activity we launched again and
They won. We benefit our & # 39; Encourage us to do more work and that description
we do not have to look at the problems we have, but we just aim to do it
the work we pay. "

Andrej Podkonický, coach Selected: "We started well, with pressure
We would have to implement ourselves, but we can not use it. Mikulášania
They fought, they played the sacrifice, we were a bit aggressive, we did not enter a bit
gates and we did not kill us often, and a decision was made. In the third third we are
equal to 1: 1, but we did an unprofitable struggle, in weakness
and the enemy has already won his leadership. "

MHK 32 Liptovsky Mikulas – HKM Zvolen 2: 1 (0: 0, 1: 0, 1: 1)

  • aims: 38. Rob. Huna (Rich Huna, Krishka), 51. Rich.
    Huna (Rob Huna, Suchý) – 46. Kytnár (Zuzin, Michal Chovan)
  • wrote: Suffering, Soos – Pálkövi (both of them)
    Gajan st.
  • penalties: 5: 5
  • power of Play 1: 0
  • weaknesses: 0: 0
  • 61 spectators
  • Liptovský Mikuláš: Holly – Kurali, Dry,
    Nádašdi, Mezovský, Košecký, Nemec, Fereta, M. Bača – Kriška, Rób.
    Huna, Rich. Huna – Uram, Tamasi, Vybiral – Heikkila, Friday,
    Lištiak – Žiak, Uhrík, Oško
  • elected: Skapski – Vandane, Pufahl, Pink, Zeleňák,
    Drgon, Ulrych, Pöyhönen – Vandas, Spirko, Handlovsky – Sisovsky,
    Lušňák, Obdržálek – P. Zuzin, Kytnár, Michal Chovan – Marcinek,
    Holovič, Patrick

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