Lisandra Silva was criticized in social networks for poor participation in Pasapalabra | Television and Exhibition


Tonight, Gavilán Nicolás and Jorge Figueroa they meet again Pasapalabra. This time for historical rosco which is collected in 198 million pesos. Those who will complete the teams are Humberto Zichel, Juvenal Olmos, Carla Jara and Lisandra Silva.

The last one has given the fans the largest number of negative judges in social networks. The reason for this is the poor partnership which he has received.

The truth is that the Cuba model couldn't provide many answers for his team, t therefore he could not give anything for Gavilán.

This was done poor evaluation comes out of the Caribbean's performance on Twitter, supported by the joint team and Chilevisión journalist several times.

Some even reported that "Nico", as he is known as followers of the program, is very difficult to win the chapter, as he has not signaled Lisandra.

Because of this, its model became a movement in social networks Wednesday night.

These were some of the comments they made on the Silva exhibition in the Chilevisión star.

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