Lisandra Silva was living in social networks


Lisandra Silva well-known in our country, after taking part in the & # 39; fact "Double accident" of the Mega channel, a winning program with its current partnership, Leandro Penna.

By closing, Silva created many people among the spectators, and it's making his sympathy and talent going through the screen, which brought forward the recognition and respect of the audience.

Thanks to the enjoyment, at the moment there are more than one million 300 people of fans who; add to your account Instagram (@lisandrasilva), so many of the ideas in each of the publications are displayed. going up.

Generally, Lisandra always shares with her followers what she does every day, but she changed everything when the previous one was, through his stories, decide to make the @ggveraf account He had been responding to his "stories", for several months, with all kinds of fun.

"Prostitute", "awesome", "stupid" and "disgusting Cuban" just some of the experts he wrote to him through an account that was already extinguished, so there is no record except for the catching scratches made by Lisandra Silva.

Lisandra did not, heavily, a style of giving love and love to his followers, responding the same way complainant, and it is also published in his story "When you do not hate to let you stay."

Then we'll leave the screenshots published by Lisandra Silva in their stories to & # 39; expressed hate

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