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In a major tour the dollar was once again 3.9%, it closed at $ 39.05 and was about $ 40. The collection result increased by 7.9% in one week of markets. A number of factors were combined to explain the closure of North American money. Prior to the end of the month, companies broadcasting, more demand for salaries, less export offer, and expecting reasonable levels, will be settled by a threatened country a & # 39; Problems, negative economic data, disturbance surveys, workstations and fiasco protection for the River Boca in G-20 days, reporting the Financial Scope newspaper.

The matutine counts the 10 reasons described in the new increase of the dollar

1- Future demand for future dollars: Friday at home holidays and the doubt of whether it will run on Thursday with a G-20 conference that did not expect to a large extent on an exchange rate near the & # 39; month. Businesses were more than $ 1.5 billion, with a 60% level essential for November, which closed at $ 39.50. The Medium Bank would have translated its $ 600 million sale.

2- Cover of banks and companies: there is not a lot in the place, but in the future. As has been done in the past, and to reduce local money, historical and comparative companies are at an average level of up to 30% of their jobs, to allow the installments closing year end.

3- Exceptional supply: only the export offer of £ 130 million in the past. Almost a quarter of the usual book. They estimate that they are & # 39; Start next week that the square could be normal with wheat start.

4- Low rate rates expectations: although the BCRA growth rate Leliq has almost changed 61.24% per annum, and it was expected that it could decrease by 60% Inflation is expected to rise for the second consecutive month, according to REM. The last survey will know next week and the latter had already looked like it.

5- Increase in the cash supply: the final offer Lebac created a cash extension of $ 122,234 million. Partially neutralized by Leliq, part of the Finance bills. In Central, they estimate that they can expand a network of $ 82,000 million, due to the seasonal increase in the demand for money. It is anticipated that there will be a disaster relief, although it is still responsible, and the dollar / rate tradeoff will be checked.

6- Dispensation of "transportation of trade": increase the dollar increase in the last two months of fixed-term rent or letter. Encouraging to & # 39; job closures, after some loss of the year's return in October and early November, is a global indirect framework for emerging markets.

7 Country risk that does not fall: Follow Argentina's bands' bands by copying; including land and the results of species such as the AA25 were above 12.5%, just under countries such as Belarus, Rwanda and Camarun. The other is to confirm rural risk measured by EMBI + Argentina, yesterday at 690 bps.

8 – Negative economic indicators: the batteries of the latest recordings released by the INDEC expanded by falling into the window's economic activity in doubts about the collapse of the letter that leaves the decline. The governing party certifies that it will be V, although a number of private economies and financial analyzes are more likely to be L.

9 – Negative political marks: they did not fall well, especially overseas, and a few days after the G20, the icons of the Libertadores border security activity fiasco. He did not help to stop the aeronautical guilds stopping it; difficulties in airplane aircraft, and this has been added to the volume of transportation capacity announced today, Confirmation of trains, buses and roadways between 4 and 7.

10- Returning from Cristina de Kirchner in the election bills: the most recent opinion polls on the profile of the main political leaders were worried about her; marketplace, damaging Mauricio Macri and disturbing the former president of a theoretician within his prophecy. They confirm that this is a # 39; The main fear of those who need to finance Argentina.

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