List of the most dangerous phones in the world with the rate of "killing the brain". Is your phone included?


STATESTA has spread a list of the most dangerous smartphones for people, which can be said as "deadly to the brain".

The Digital Trends specialty website has published a list of the most active phones and the least radiation phones, made in collaboration with the German Army Office.

The two main companies, "Chaumi" and "One Plus", were on the list of the most adventurous smartphones.

The statistics warned that the phones that cause radiation should be far enough from the user, so that they do not expand their & # 39; their impact, especially children.

A list of the most animated phones was as follows:
1 – Shao Mai A Wan

2- Wan Plus 5T

Shao Mai Max 3

4- Wan Plus 6T

5 HTC U12 Light

6. Shawmy Me Mix 3

7. Google Pixel 3XL

8. Plus 5

9. For iPhone 7

Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact

11- HEC Desire 12/12 Plus

Pixel Google

13. Plus 6

14. For iPhone 8

15. Shawomi Redmi Gun 5

16- ZTE X7 Mini.

The list of the least radiation phones is as follows:
Samsung Galaxy Note 8

2 – ZTE Exxon Elite

3- LG G7

Samsung Galaxy A8

5. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S 7 Edge

7. HTC U11 Live

8. LGQ6 / Q6 Plus

9. Samsung Galaxy S 9 Plus

Motorola MOTO G5 Plus.

Motorola MotoZ

12. Samsung Galaxy G6 Plus

13. ZTE 610

14. Samsung Galaxy G4 Plus

15. Samsung Galaxy S8

16- ZTE Blade at 9

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