List of those killed in the Banani fire


List of those killed in the Banani fire

List of those killed in a fire Banos Photo: Collection

Five, including the nation of Sri Lankan, were killed in a devastating fire at Tower R. R. in Banay Road. 17 of the city. The stranger who was killed was named Niras. He died at the Kurmitola Hospital in Dhaka. In addition, it is reported that one of the doctors of Dhaka Medical College died.

There were also reports of other deaths. These are Parvez Sajjad, 47, son of Nazrul Islam of Baluogram of Kashiani upazila of Gopalganj, Mamun (United States, Amina Yasmin, 40) (Apollo Hospitals), son of Abul Kashem of Baliakandi upazila of the district of Dinajpur.

The fire from the 9th floor of the building began at 12:55 pm on Thursday evening. Later, the fire spread across the building.

There are 20 fire service units in operation. Along with the building, the helicopter is trying to control the fire and keep the fire under control. Three helicopters work on the fire.

They also took part in the rescue of the unit Pupil (the rescue stairways from the building) and the motorcycle unit.

Fire service personnel are filtering inside the glass and breaking down the glass from the whole building with glass walls surrounded, and saving people locked on a ladder and knocking them down.

A number of ambulances were added to the building. The wound is already being treated.

Until the report was written, the fire was out of control. Five people were killed and several of the casualties have been recorded to date in this fire.

The building is known as the Wave Band, Heritage Air Express, and has over 50 offices in addition to Technologies Limited.

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