Listen to the New Score John Williams for Star Star Wars: Galaxy & Edge Land


In the field of games, a long, far off work is coming together to bring world Star Wars to visit your next Disney Parks. As mentioned earlier, Disneyland in the summer of 2019 and Hollywood Disney Studios will be growing on new ground known as Star Wars Galaxy Edge. Mickey Mouse has demanded the amazing musician John Wilson to start music for the land, played by the London Symphony Orchestra. Check it out:

Are there anybody? The "Theme from Star Wars Galaxy & Edge" adds to the upcoming land at Disney Park. Iain Williams has been making sound sound for everyone Star Wars a movie in the Skywalker saga, with a beautiful and beautiful melody and a humorous sound that responds to space operators. For Williams to go back to the studio at the age of 86 to go to # 39; placing his music signature on the land for Disney is definitely tight. The new topic refers to the one who was; before Star Wars sound music, as well as being suited to the music you heard at her & # 39; subject park.

The new video posted on the Star Wars Twitter will open with the Symphony London Orchestra at the Studio Abbey Road. He will then show some construction improvements for Star Wars Galaxy & Edge in both places.

The upcoming ground will happen on a previously unprecedented planet Batuu and will be on a street market called Black Spire Outpost, and two trips as defined by the chairman of Disney Parks At Destination D23: Celebrating Mickey Mouse today.

Along with this video is very exciting with the new subject of John Williams for Disney Parks, the names of the trips, Falcon na Mìle Bliadhna: Run Smuggler & # 39; s and Star Wars: Build on its & # 39; caseSouth West The Falcon Millennium trip with the guests behind controlled the elegant Han spacecraft in one of three special flying crew positions. The journey is usually a key part of the land and this may affect the rest of your time & # 39; travel through the land to enhance immersion experience.

Expansion of Breach Guests in the middle of a great battle between the First Order and the Legislation. There will also be a Star Wars Galaxy & Edge Cantina, for a drink for her & # 39; first time to Disneyland in California. The experience will include creatures and characters known as Star Wars' world-wide interaction for interaction.

Star Wars's land is an interesting recreation for the parks, even if it is not possible to move away because Star Wars fans are ready to find out what their ideas are. 39; at Disney Imagineers. Introducing the land with new music from John Williams will surely add to the knowledge too. Star Wars Galaxy & Edge will come to Disneyland in the summer of 2019 and Disney & Hollywood Studios will falling in 2019.

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