Listen to the unpublished song by Gustavo Cerati before Soda Stereo


Last night, the chapters of a BIOS docserie are displayed, which is displayed. celebrates that which is celebrated for the singer and guitarist Credit: National Geographic Courtesy

"Speaking about myself, I have ever created a tune / So I will put the words instead, I have never been very good in poetry / I'm just, I'm just Talk about ", sing

Gustavo Cerati

. His voice, sounded by a green smile, coming from a request to a walker. This unpublished song – Cerati's first halfronous era by Soda Stereo, full of romantic innocent – who appeared last night for his first time in the specialty
BIOS, life that you have identified, the National Geographic presented in two hourly chapters about the musician. "Talk about it, I pretend that you were thinking of the same way / As much aspiration to return but to return without reverting / I'm so great to love you ", a & # 39; Following the song featured in a scene in which Javiera Mena – the singer of Chilean who is hosting and interviewing in the documentary, meets Ana Saint Jean, one of Cerati's first daughters . "Gustavo wrote to me two songs that did not appear again with Soda," he says.

Not that is the only moment in which an unlicensed record of Cerati will be heard. At first, Laura -one of Gustavo's sisters – shows Mena from her audio phone Juan José Cerati, with her every time as a radio leader at the old times, giving his son between 5 and 6 years at that time, who plays cappella: "Do not put your kisses and you can not solve it & # 39 ; delaying / I love you, I love you ". "We are now with us, friends, a beautiful voice, an amazing Argentine singer who comes to our microphones to bring the best songs we have from the countries of America us, "said Juan José Cerati with premonitory engines.

The documentary describes the life of the Stereo Soda; from death to death in a careful manner, through testimonies from his family's family – his children Benito and Lisa, his mother Lilian Clark, and his family member – the musicians with her role – Zeta Bosio , Charly Alberti, Shakira, Leandro Fresco, Anita Álvarez de Toledo, Tweety Gonzalez, and his best friend, the famous sound engineer Adrián Taverna, among others.

There are several important scenes through the documentary program, but there are two that allow audiences across each other. The first is the back after the final show of Cerati in Caracas, Venezuela – at the end of the # 39; tour
Natural army– when the drummer Fernando Samalea takes a picture of the whole team, as he did at the end of each show. "In a situation I turn my head and see it and it was like someone in pain," remember Taverna about Cherati. "And he caught hold of him, took the picture and went back to his clothes room, I was stunned and I told the assistant," Look, there's no Gustavo right. "And that's the case. I did not even know what CVA was, terrible." Later on, in the end of the second part, Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti connect to Cerati when they go; stay at ALCLA clinic. "It seemed to me that we had to do that trip, to find all three," Bosio said. "It was very fine, they left us alone and we could all shout." Alberti says: "We started talking to him, we caught his hand and suddenly the doctors came as everything sound started, it was completely explored, the truth was It was very high: it was obviously listening to us. "

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