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In the last few days, we saw how individual parameters looked at their own course, and # 39; Verify that Bitcoin (BTC) has overall dominance.

Tron (TRX) and Binance Coin (BNB) are to jump two of the key encryption and Bitcoin has been growing in a narrow range. This shows that business-makers do not; Waiting for Bitcoin to bring out their market out of the level that is going on. pressing.

Bitcoin has been working in a narrow field for the past few weeks, and many think it will be the last one, as it did in the middle of November last year.

However, Robert J. Jackson Jr, the only Democratic Commander of the United States Security and Trade Commission (SEC), has the potential of a Democratic Commitment, which may be funded by the financing of the Bitcoin stock market of the green light, They have been feeling the feeling.

At the same time, Bitcoin has a Hash level for the maximum three-month period, which can be caused by some baskers to post their profits, leading to strong revival.

Most of the highest profits today came on 7 February. Let's find out if the motions change the pattern suddenly, or if it misses only a dead cat that will disappear in a few days.


Investors announced the news on the Litecoin Foundation (LTC) partnership with the Beam product development company to explore a new "Mimblewimblewimble" protocol that enhances privacy and balance.

Leap Litecoin to its fourth place by & # 39; market sales after recycling 8 February. Change the cryptocurrency and upload it, or just a movie in its & # 39; pane that goes out quickly? Let's see the graphs to find out.


The strong price boost has been pushing a & # 39; LTC / USD party above its first off-road; at the line of bearish movements. He is currently in the EMA for 20 weeks, above which he sells at USD 47,246. In this way, it is estimated that the USD 82 pair will reach the 50-week SMA.

If the bull is still over USD 47,246, this indicates that the markets have been lowered at the lowest levels and that the move is down.

The revival of digital money could be reinforced or extended. We'll try to go to the # & # 39; price; live over USD 47,246 and to create new purchasing arrangements, before recommending long-term occupations. Long-term traders can stay on a long-term basis in their markets.

Our associated vision will be disqualified if the bees defend their face to USD 47,246. In such a case, correction against USD 33 is similar.


After they've been selling their & # 39; BitTorrent (BTT) leaflet that closed in just a few minutes, Binance has exiled Fetch.AI (FET) on 25 February.

All of the most exciting bTTs are currently fortunate to sit at large profits. So, the interest in the next sale of FET marks is likely to be so high. Is it a symbol of the revival of its first financial provider (ICO)? It's too early to prove, but it's definitely a good sign.

How do we expect Binance Coin to be & # 39; deal with these events? Let's analyze the graphics.


We had bought purchases in closing (UTC time) over the previous 20 weeks EMA in our previous inspection. However, with the increase this week, a BNB / USD pair has reached a zone of 10-12 USD resistant zone. Long-term occupations at current levels do not have at least a good risk / reward.

At present, digital money is sold within a digital channel. If you are the defensive bees on the front line of the channel, we can expect a slight decline next week. Traders can use this loss to start long positions with a target of 12-15 USD.

Our helpful view will be disqualified if the base players drop the cryptocurrency under the channel and the level of support of USD 5.50. Therefore, the loss can stop for the operation at USD 5.


Reservoirs welcome the selection of cryptocurrencies and EOS is one of them. This week has risen by around 17 percent, which replaces the third best interpreter.

Although it is difficult to prove the same reason for the increase, there have been some advanced developments in cryptocurrency. It is expected that a new solution called "LiquidApps" will change the game for EOS.


A pair of EOS / USD has been trading in a narrow range for the last six weeks. The bull is trying to be higher at a low level of around $ 2.1733. In comparison, the area of ​​3,2081-3,873 is likely to be poorly served. The EMA is also 20 weeks in this area.

If the bull has the scale of this range, we Expected changes in the move. That's why it's estimated that the pair will reach USD 6.8299. SMA is 50 weeks close to this stage. Traders can wait for the price to stay above USD 3.8723 and start up with long-term occupations; lose stop under USD 2.1733.

However, if your price is & # 39; falls below one of the highest levels, it still remains in a limited range. The two will deliver below USD 2.1733 and proceed slightly below USD 1.55.


Dash has also seen some of the biggest benefits after the sudden increase in breakdown. Is the increase changing its movement, or is it just an additional support that should be taken to investors?


After recording at least USD 56,214 annually, DASH / USD pair pair has tried to live over 64 of the countries in the past four weeks. Two attempts to break down the level of support have failed. Now we expect the bull to get back again.

If the bull is still over USD 74, it seems that it will go to USD 87. In addition, the withdrawal can be extended to the service zone USD 103,261 to 113, with & # 39; up to 20 weeks of EMA. We expect two to come forward after 20 weeks of EMA.

On the other hand, if the price does not leave the above, it can stay in a limited range. It will allow it to be lower than USD 64 and reduce its downstream down USD 56,214. Because its price is still very close to its & # 39; least and does not show reliable purchase designs, we will still be weird in the & # 39; couple.


Riccardo Spagni, also known as FluffyPony on Twitter, Monero's chief engineer and CTO Tari, has defended the fundamental right of humanity to everyone's privacy. However, he also said that Monero (XMR) can be checked, if an owner of a barrel is required. In addition, he advised people to use the cryptocurrency as money, rather than an investment vehicle. What should traders do?


The XMR / USD pair has been trading in a narrow range near the annual levels. The bull has been trying to create a foundation before requesting a rally.

The essential amount to be followed in the uptrend USD 60,147, and at a low level, is USD 38.5. Make a breakdown of the reboot range on the move.

But if the bull leaves the range, they are likely to rise to USD 81. The EMA can spend 20 weeks; offer fewer attacks, but we expect to expand it. However, USD 81 may be a strong defense. If the cryptocurrency breaks, we can expect to increase to USD 150.

Market data is provided by HitBTC bag. The graphs for analysis are provided by TradingView..

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