20-year-old Erdvilė, who is admitting to her that she loves, decides for an open interview with uncomfortable questions about Andrew, the family and the future plan.

Erdvilė, who lived for a time with an 43-year entrepreneur, was passionate about conducting the most open interview in life. The girl decided to answer many questions not only about knowledge or friendship with two-year-old Shedzi, but also about herself, her family and what she currently does.

To have a long time talking about this interview Erdvilė did not need to. As soon as she first wrapped a picture of which she was pictured with Andrew, she said she understood that it would be longer for her and her relationship to go out for the light of day. T .

Until Vilnius arrived in a car independently, and not just her close relatives, but Šedžius herself had open acquaintance in the future. Erdvilė came to the editor to wear his dress, red red dress and high-dressed shoes – no one would say that this tall girl is only 20 years old. When asked if she needed her confidence to face face-to-face contact, Erdvilė did not oppose her earlier.

“Recently, I feel the courage that has come from the very knowledge. As a result of this step, I spoke to my friend, she encouraged me to agree, she said she was quiet. I have nothing to lose. I don't know where that poem is. I'm usually quiet and quiet, ”she admits.

– Instead, the media on your age has not been identified so far, as you don't know much about it, you might be able to tell yourself? In which family are you growing up?

– It's a Samogitian. My birthday is 13 April. I have two sisters – one older, the other younger. I am the second child to be kept. My mother had anger as I wanted action. But now our relationship is very good, I don't have to make a complaint.

– I know that you are growing up with a step-father, can I ask what your relationship is with and with your biological father?

– Yes, I grew up with my stepfather. He is a wonderful man. All I needed was I cannot complain. I contacted your father correctly to adulthood but the link was broken when I realized I didn't need it. Parents were separated when I was three, but I was still connecting with my father. My older sister was rather kind and I refused to contact her, and thought she needed me in my life. I stayed in contact, but over time I realized he didn't want to communicate, and I stopped.

– Where did you come from?

– I come from the Telšiai area, Tryškiai town. I lived there for up to eighteen years. After graduating in a sports hall, I decided to relax for a year, move away from science, and go to work in Ireland. Soon I came back to Lithuania, but I was a little later to start. Even so, I now plan to go to science and go into the police.

“I have to say that police are often complaining about difficult work problems, low wages, danger – don't you be afraid? "

– No, my salary is not an important sign. You should go to a job as it was a holiday. I suppose to help people, so this job will pull me. I'm pretty tough, I always fight for justice and I feel strong enough for that kind of work. In fact, a teenager I was attracted to the uniform. I thought there myself. Now I am even the traffic police are stopping me. I'm struggling to become a policeman in the future, but I am interested in seeing how their normal day of work is.

– Do you have a short time in Ireland, what did you do?

– I worked as a senior manager in the meat factory. I didn't pack it, I watched the work of others, but sometimes I went to help them, as I saw I needed help.

– Are you scared to work for another country?

– Number. We have been in the tenth previous stage, we were out for seasonal work in Germany, working in a restaurant. I like to travel and receive not only Lithuania. For example, I thoroughly enjoyed being strong and courteous in Ireland and England. And here in Lithuania, people tend to delete it. When I first saw the first articles of my name and the ideas that came with them, I couldn't believe what I was reading. Some men wrote that I would pay € 2,000 a month for, as they said old bark.

Andrius Šedžius and Erdvilė Pilvinytė

Andrius Šedžius and Erdvilė Pilvinytė

© Photo of personal record

– Let's come back to this topic and tell us what pastimes, your hobbies in your school were and what you are interested in now?

– I had no one, I wasn't interested in it. And the sciences were good for me and not too bad, average. I have done all the necessary tests. I am now a police plan. I have already reached a number of steps – with specialist medical knowledge and psychological studies. We had now got to overcome the sport. That's why I have recently been more active in sport, but I am happy about that. I'm going to athletics, I'm hoping to start running.

– How does your day look?

– I grow up to the sports hall where I can get energy. As I am now a free air director, when I am just enjoying life, I can spend my time as I want, such as reading books. I often send my parents out and help them. Yes, every day runs out.

– When and how did Andrius Šedžius appear in your life? How did you meet?

– We met last year in Ireland, but the first link was held nearly two years ago from October. I saw an article that Andrius is different from his wife Monika. Inviting friends on the social network, he accepted me and "love" almost all the pictures I have taken. I paid no attention to it, but it soon took him a new picture of him, so I just click "as". Just after that, he started writing to me, a big suggestion, saying I was beautiful, his excellent vision, which I felt was tall, to meet. We decided after a while.

– Were you afraid to meet someone often mentioned in the media?

– Number. We met by my house, that I did not drink coffee or dinner. We met just for half an hour, after which he wrote to me, "I'm sorry you did not like it." And I told him that I didn't like it or that I enjoyed it. Despite that, he did not let him go so, he wrote to me and followed him, and asked for a beautiful day.

– Was it cold for him?

– There is. I said we would not be starting any better relationships. I also mentioned the difference between age. Despite that, he was still writing and was very tired. One time I wrote to him, but he never stopped. A few weeks after our first meeting, I attended a girlfriend birthday, and she wrote to me that she was coming to Ireland and wanted to meet. At that time, I told him I was sick and that I couldn't go anywhere, so we didn't believe him any more. After more time, I went to Lithuania for a holiday and suddenly we started communicating with Andrew. And when I came back from Ireland to Ireland, it was very hard to leave it because it felt amazing. He came out that I needed it.

– It wasn't love at first, really?

– Number. Of course, no.

– How long did you respond to the first date?

– More than a month. I wasn't going to write it and I drank it.

– Do you agree that you made your own first step when you invited a friend?

– Yes, this was the degree. Indeed, I remember it now. For example, when he returns from tired work and has no sport, I always ask him how the day has gone, but if he is badly bruised, I ask if not pleased me. I remember him that was happening for me and then he was delighted.

Erdvilė Pilvinytė and Andrius Šedžius

Erdvilė Pilvinytė and Andrius Šedžius

– What was the status of the relationship between Andrew and his wife Monika at the start of their knowledge?

– They were officially different. It was no surprise that more friends, like me, Andrius, were involved.

– You were?

– To be. Maybe now. You don't keep anyone.

– Are you in doubt that Andy is not the only one?

– When we first met, I thought it might just have been pointing to that one for me. But then I started to think about what his wife Monika told journalists and what the ideas were sent. I started believing that some of her words are true. In fact not everything is left. Over time, I learned that there were more such friends, but what Andrius did for them, I can't tell how I don't know. No, I don't even want to stop it.

– When did you learn to your family about relationships with a famous entrepreneur?

– I was in touch with the parents that I started communicating with Andrew. I remember the first time I went to meet him, I wrote to my mother. She told me to be careful, I survived. After the meeting I wrote it again and encouraged her that everything was fine. My mother was so concerned about our age differences with Andrew and she was not rude to her friendship, but he reminded me that the final decision was for me. She is always supportive of me.

– And did the difference between the same ages worry you?

– If they are not first, but not communicate with it. After all, many famous couples do not affect this, such as Daina and Antanas Bosai or Rima and Vid Anton Antonov.

– And what kind of stories did your step-father give?

– He learned this from his mother. We don't talk much about it, but it always supports me.

– Didn't he build upon it that he wasn't yet formally divided?

– Number. Perhaps parents are afraid to be angry because I am very hot. If not, I can start anger.

– One time Ireland, the parents stayed in Lithuania and told them about their experiences with Andrius by the phone, and when you returned to Lithuania forever?

Last year – July. The parent's position on this case has not changed and I am returning. But in part and well, they didn't accept. Still, I have to live, not for them.

– At first you didn't want to hide your friendship with Andrew?

– I can't. There was no such idea. I feel like that that everyone supports me.

– How are your friends about Andrew?

– There is not much talk about it. If my grandfather doesn't mention that he saw Andrew again about television divorce.

– What did you know about Andy before your scientist?

– Nothing. He was only a former member of the different Semests but the article was not even translated. I was never interested in it. I remember when he met me and I said that I didn't know it, and it wrote to me that I would put its name in Google and surprise me. In fact, it was funny, but I wanted him to tell himself. Now I have been convinced that the media often writes lies. The interview I gave you was good, but other tunes … a place.

– Do you feel afraid to establish a relationship with a famous person? After all, it is natural that you have also left the media's attention.

– I didn't feel that fear. In fact, I didn't even think about it. When I returned to Lithuania forever, our relationship was bad.

– Where did you go back to Lithuania?

– To parents, and now to Šiauliai.

– in Siauliai at Andrius Apartment?

– There is.

– Talking about the relationship you have been making has happened since last summer when Monika put your picture into the home of Andrian. Then the first article appeared in which your citation was mentioned. What was your answer?

– I don't know how Monika learned about this picture, because we don't have common friends. I never thought the media would take notice of it because I just submitted it with a close circle of friends. I was watching the phone and I didn't believe I could see my name. I'm not happy about that, I felt more negative feelings. But because of the articles I tried to direct them because I knew what was going on between me and Andrew. But over time, my name was becoming more difficult, so I didn't have patience. I can't read the unexplained complaints that Monika had, so I wrote to DELFI. Why will I have to restrict their divorce? I am not guilty of that. I didn't like setting Monika, and I wanted to protect myself.

– Have you ever benefited from a reputation for your name?

– The only good thing here is that the number of followers on social networks has increased. I've also offered some advertising, but I refused them because I don't think it is the right time now.

Andrius Šedžius

Andrius Šedžius

© DELFI / Domantas Pipas

– Big, but I'm not saying that I'm encouraging myself after some attention? More and more of Andrew's pictures – in one of them put into a bath, which he got at the wedding with Monika from the witnesses, his mind was noticed in his bed t . Why is it public?

– That gown was not Monika but Andrew. I listened to him and replied that it was a gift of witnesses. Monika said that her mother had bought the beds she saw – maybe, but I left from all the new ones, she didn't put it on and she didn't sleep in it. I shared these pictures because they looked nice to me, I couldn't keep them in the gallery.

– Was it not strange to be in Andrew's house, where his wife had been living recently? Didn't you feel that history is repeated?

– There were such thoughts, but I tried to keep myself out. In fact, I sometimes thought that Monika was walking there, sleeping. Even so, I feel good in Andrius flat.

– Parents know where they live now?

– There is.

– Your latest Andrew photo is now proof that you are together. Has he not objected to his advertising?

– He didn't know that I was dividing it. Just after publication, I thought about Andrew and the media, but I thought it had already been done. It is slightly worried that he is still silent, but he makes it for a divorce. It's funny when he said: "We are friends. Well, maybe more than friends." I read this, and I smiled.

– How do my friends love about your confession?

– She has not spoken to her about it yet. She may not even have seen these articles. I don't want to start it yourself.

– And to Andrius after the photo has been released?

– There is. He was not angry but he was very unhappy. Listen to them, I can't wait for at least a few days.

– Are you sorry that everything doesn't publish it?

– At first I thought it wasn't needed, but there was no way back.

– Why have you put Andy's face in your pictures so far?

I asked him to cover the face and he accepted. I wanted to leave the baby. I think if I was on the front of Andras to show the pictures, I would have got out far earlier and then I wasn't finished.

– Were you in Malta with Andrew, where did you go?

– It's funny when Andrius said he was alone in Malta, although I was close up. At the same time we were in Ireland, England, Germany, but he flew for business and gave it support.

– Are you pregnant in Lithuania to go back?

– There is. It's not someone who could notice people 's feelings about them or feel uncomfortable. I feel safe, bold as it is, and I am smaller.

Erdvilė Pilvinytė

Erdvilė Pilvinytė

© Photo of personal record

– Who else attracts you?

– I seem to be reliable and attentive. It shows his feelings in both words and action.

– Is Andy proud of you as gifts?

– No, it usually provides flowers. I do not mention significant factors, so I am aware of his attention.

– Monika was named after her son was picked up from Andrew but not from you. What is your relationship with your son?

– I'd rather leave this question to Andris as it's better to see him. But he says that Gabriel is welcoming me. Maybe it feels my warmth? I like getting kids, so I'd say the relationship was good. In the field, when will Gabriel come again. I also agree with the daughters of Andrius.

– There are also languages ​​like this that you are related to Andrew's son, and he manages his home and receives money for him. Is there a truth?

– I have seen these languages ​​in some article. No, no.

– When and why did you start fighting with Monika?

– All this started when I started painting pictures of Andrew's place. Conflict arose on his own.

– When was your first truth really?

– For the first time we met face to face when she gave Gabriel and gave it to her. I remember she was bothered by a door that was thrown at it. But despite that, she thanked me for her help and she said that she was also above guiding Andy's children at the start of her relationship, and she understood me well. Yes, we did.

– Would you not like to speak to Monika open?

– I would like to know if it was as bold as it is in social networks for carrying out my paintings.

– How do you think you cannot keep a friendly relationship with Monika?

– I think she is jealous. It is very elegant, not only from Andras, which is natural, for they were together for seven years, but less notice.

– Why did you speak of romantic friendship with Andy in his third year of his son and Monika? Is it just coincidence?

– happened suddenly. I knew Gabriel's birthday would be on that day, but I was already admitted before Andrius took him. I wasn't thinking about it when I submitted that picture.

– Isn't it frightening that Andrius turned your relationship to you? It denies you are the couple.

– It masks it because the process of separation has not yet come to pass and its official wife is still Monika. Andrius does not want to make new relationships until he is separated. It doesn't harm me. In fact, if a division had already happened and it would still say that it's not twins, it would certainly be. But now I understand it.

– And Andras is often not at home for work, or does he have enough attention?

– Of course, there will never be too much attention, but I don't complain. It seems to be going out for three days, but perhaps well. If we were often under one roof, I think we'd get together, and we had to call for "24 hours". Indeed, I'm in the process. But in those days when we aren't together we lose each other, waiting for him to return home.

– Don't you think Andras might be interested in another woman who is getting home?

– Number. The truth would still be coming. If I knew that, not all would end. That won't be easy.

– Did Andrius really say you love him?

– He told me this once. Women feel when they are lying, but when Andrius says to me, I feel great.

– And have you told him about your feelings?

– Yes, but not in the first days and first month. I needed time to make sure I really needed it and really love it.

– Did you receive Andrew's official request for being half?

– Recently, I immediately told him that he didn't offer me a friend, so it's not twins. Shortly after that we went into bed and he asked me if it was my brother. And I did, of course.

– You don't have any idea but you want money from Andrew, and he calls you closer barakuda. What do you think of it? T

– If I was just for money, I would have been saying that this was the longest relationship we had, but I was very quiet for a long time, and I wasn't at all. If there wasn't Monika, I'd have been waiting for Andy to tell us about us. I am not really interested in substantive things, it's important to me. I will notice that my own parents were not as happy as those who contracted themselves. Nonsense. My mother and I say if she sees anything, she will read better than her opinion. Do not take it with you. I find it uncomfortable that my parents are pushed into my link. I'm strong and will stand all this, but my parents are here to do nothing.

– And if Andy was not a rich man, would you still care for him?

– I think it is. I am attracted to older men, so if he had the same characteristics now, I think it would have pulled my eye.

– What are you more likely to do with anger?

– To get the jealousy and merry it from me. Maybe I'm a bit jealous, but it's not going down. For example, if someone writes to me when he is close to him and he will see him, he will wear a clothes. I think he fears I can catch the hook of another person. He fears he will lose me and it is important that I am close to him.

– Sorry if Andy tells you everything is over?

– It would be difficult. True, I would not expect this step from now on, if something hasn't happened. I don't think he can do that now.

– Do you believe in the future with Andrew?

– Of course. I seem to even see it, even though I don't like to design and enjoy it today. Despite that, I believe Andy is in the future.

– Do you think you are your wife?

"I don't think of that yet, but if everything goes in the future, why not come – and the marriage can happen." And my mother's mother could be. Indeed, it's still too early to talk about it, I'm not ready for that, but I'd like it in the future.

– After all, you understand that you don't notice now. Do you think your life will change? Are you where you are?

– I think, but I'll last everything. No matter what other people tell me, the most important thing is that I feel supported by my relatives. My life will change if I put a little extra weight on Andrew's side.

– Even after the publication of personal photographs, people began to refer to the offensive ideas, why not bother them?

– O who? When everything goes down, I can get it. If I had to delete these views, I think people could think I was being devastated and that is not true. I note that people who write comments or send personal messages with money are usually close by and living in the Department. I feel I won't fall.

– Do you feel sorry for anything in this story? And do it again?

– I won't regret it and I would not change anything.

– What do you think about it now?

– In the future, I will see myself in the police. It would be great if the lifespan in this area was to be raised over time. I would like to know more, and recently I will talk for peace, which I think I won't see.

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