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5 deadly diseases in Kaunas: leadership starts

Not only is flu but also meningococcal waves that travel around Lithuania. From this lightweight fast illness, five children were saved by Kaunas physicians except this season.

One of them – a fourteen boy – was in a state of riot and had already gone out of Prien to scarcely. Fortunately, his life was saved. However, doctors say that the lives of some children saved have become very expensive.

The son-in-law is four years old, saying the Spearhead, that he can not even believe what happened. He was taken to Kaunas Clinical Hospital on an afternoon with an ambulance with a child with an awful diagnosis of dangerous meningococcus.

The woman says that the temperature is very high up to 40 degrees for her son at the end of the weekend, and the child was moved.

Mom tells us that the child was not able to get out of bed again: "It was 39.6 – very high temperatures. It was hard all night, and then I realized that the child was not able has gone completely and does not bend at the bone and bone, the locks, as I can say, a little. "

I gave a sense of lies

These are signs such as fever, headache, diarrhea, and a stiff necklace problem – early symptoms of meningococcal disease.

So in the morning, call her & # 39; His mother was the doctors, and she asked her to go to hospital in Prienai – her mother had already been aware of her first depressed lies on her baby's body.

The mother of the sick child continues, saying, "The shoes were not clear, and they say to Kaunas's Clinical Hospital – thank God for helping us and saving our baby from Ospadal Kaunas Clinic. "

In the hospital entrance department, the baby was brought to beautiful skin, tired, bad, chest and belly. The boy was instantly inserted, the drug was damaged, and a large crew of doctors was given.

He has also identified a philosophy

Darius Varaškevičius, Head of the Children's Admissions Department, tells us what the child's signals have complained about:

"At the moment, the child began to complain that he was getting headache, and when there were removable spreading shells that were then spread. When they arrived , the child was convicted of the fish, the illness was bad, and when the cure began, everything was made steady, normalized … Initially, the weight fell, and -Nothing to repair anything. Nupunktavom, it's also a brainfeit.

There was no big changes in the eye at the bottom of the eye. The cure is kept slow and we are doing it; look forward to answering her / her. His situation is right, the hearing is not disturbed, and often the last time we have a number of deaf issues. "

After almost a day of devotion – the boy with his mother has already moved to the department. The disease is stopped, it seems that there are no problems.

Doctors wait for the search results and they will decide what medicine he keeps on.

There are only five children – four in this clinical hospital – have only saved this season in Kaunas, and some have been severely damaged.

Depending on the doctors, it is essential for the hospital to be essential when the child is still leaving well after reducing the baby's upper temperature, and not just after the kick, 39; disappeared.

I need to circulate my finger

Head Teacher D. Varaškevičius's Children's Recreation Department remembers the need to monitor the wellbeing of children. "In other diseases, when the temperature falls, the child will feel better, it will be more active, eating and trying to play the same way.

In this case, the child was lying, Complaints about headaches, dance and temperature that fall into the state. "

Another child was handled in Kaunas clinics for a meningococcal lightning disease. It was taken here from Marijampolė. The baby's life was saved two years but he had to turn some of his fingers. Meningococcal handicap is dangerous to people of all ages, but it is more common for children under 5.

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