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He took three lives

Last week, two men – 56 and 91 – from flute disorders died at Klaipėda University Hospital. Both were treated in the Department of Revival.

The child was in the Hospital Deprivation Department for a couple of weeks. The person in hospital was in a bad state due to the problem of large fluctuation. So the first day doctors were struggling for his life.

An honorary man in hospital was much shorter – a little longer than a day. He was also a revenge. The 91-year-old patient can not be saved as a result of atrial fibrillation.

As Jolanta Česienė, Head of the Galaxy Department of the Klaipėda University Hospital, said the two men had already been in hospital for a poor state of state, which had not been vaccinated.

Later on, one message was sad – the 10-year-old daughter flu was cured at Klaipėda Children's Hospital. They can not rescue them due to illness problems. This is the youngest suffering time of flu vaccination this year in Lithuania.

The sad statistics are getting worse

Klaipėda is among the directors of flute statistics in influenza. During this season of infection, three victims of this poor illness were recorded in a town; tunes.

The highest number of deaths from flu was recorded in Panevėžys – four, in other cities – one case.

Although Klaipeda's people talk about another man; blood fluffy – a boy seven years old; old, as long as the cause of his death did not prove.

Rima Šimkuvienė, Adjudicator Advisor, Department of Klaipėda Department of Public Health, infectious Diseases, said in 2018-2019. There were 3 deaths – 2 adults and 1 child – recited for a flu vaccine in Klaipėda County, who has escaped her & her; flu and its problems. Every three people lived in the town of Klaipeda.

During the season of flu vaccination last year, two of the influenza died in the county of Klaipeda, one of which died. stay in the town of Klaipeda. In recent years, flu fluctuation was not recorded during flu.

Both sections are full

With adverse effects on flu problems, Klaipeda University Hospital was feeling three weeks back.

"Both hospitals have diseases of flu. It is true, we are not as sad as we are involved in the Klaipėda Children's Hospital. Where we are in a patient situation, we are ready for that, "said Head of Department of J.Česienė.

Not only are patients with severe flu symptoms in hospital Patients usually have patients with older patients, so their treatment is much more complicated.

A number of pregnant women also came to hospital due to flu problems. The doctor indicated that they were dangerous.

Flu is the most common disease. Then displacement failure rapidly grows and its; threatening life.

At the end of last week, two older women were handled in the Department of Revival for flu problems.

This year's flower mourns

"Every year, the prevalence of fluctuation is complex because we have already experienced problems in the hospital. This year, flu is likely to be much more dangerous and immediate problems are detected ", J.Česienė noted.

This year, all patients have confirmed that influenza virus A – is more dangerous and aggressive than others that cause diseases and even loose diseases.

According to the department's head, last year there were more types of influenza – A and B, so the patient's condition was not so dangerous this year.

The situation of children is better

One of the diseases treated by children of ages is quite different from babies to older ones. Although the problems of influenza also affect small people, the situation is much better than the adult.

"We do not have children who should be treated in the Department of Revitalization due to the bad situation," the head of the department's headline.

Certificate of incapacity – by phone

The Ministry of Health (USA) remembers in areas where a cold disease is called ill and can not come to the GP, can also be contacted by the medical center.

In such a case, the period of ability to start work from the day the patient has contacted the medical center and the visit to the doctor will be suspended. This is a simpler and simple streaming method in the event of an influenza emergency.

When the patient wants a clinic or clinic, the doctor will write his complaints, the history of the patient, the medicine and medicine tips, in the medical history of the patient. In this case, the patient does not need to go to the cure center, waste time and can handle faster than the doctor's order.

If the doctor does not, after evaluating the information given about the patient's medical condition, confirming that it is essential to apply for a cure with a patient, a patient visit time, but not longer than 3 days. If today's day-to-day or day-to-day alignment, the patient needs to reach the doctor without more than his / her; working day after a break or holiday day.

How to block a flower?

Infectious disease disease and AIDS center (ULAC) recognize that while vaccines are the most effective ways to prevent flu and their problems, it should also be remembered to prevent unintentional diseases and respiratory respiratory behavior respiratory:

• Wash your hands properly and often, after drying;

• Avoid communication with sick people;

• Except large collections of people;

• follow the tips for coughing and flush – insert nose and mouth, eliminate restricted limbs immediately, wash hands;

• Noises eye, nose or mouth with anguish hands;

• good refurbishment of the site;

• in the event of illness, contact a personal healthcare center, do not work, prevent children from accessing educational establishments, as prescribed by the doctor;

• People with flu can protect others by using a medical mask that keeps the resilient compensation from coughing or flowing; healthy people should also spend a medical mask when they go; foster a sick person.

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