A site to watch special aircraft will be at the Vilnius Airport | Business

An information center is located near Vilnius Airport, indicating that a plane monitoring site in the area will be short.

"Vilnius, city guests, photographers and air enthusiasts are all welcome here – all the people who love to watch the plane going up and down," said the board. T information.

The site will have a high 3-meter ramp, benches, shelter and 6 car parking spaces beside the building.

It is also intended to send a location on the site, which will give information about the aircraft leaving and returning.

The area will be checked by video cameras. Work is expected to be undertaken in second and third quarters this year.

On 30th March it was announced that a new building will be constructed at Vilnius Airport – will include a VIP boundary and conference center. Attic for 597.5 miles. The project is being designed by Vilnius Architecture Studio. In addition, the square of the intermediate airport will be rebuilt, naming it.

The new ferry terminal area will be larger than the existing site – 566 square meters of the first floor. meters of room (currently 380 square meters), while the second is equipped with 618 sq. meters. meters conference center.

Last year, the Vilnius Airport Hall Hall, which was submitted for nearly one million euros 6 years ago, was declared damaged and relocated. Airport representatives then said that the construction of the hall was part of the rebuilding of the airport terminal, costing about $ 60 million. EUR.

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