An aerial bomb was found in Vilnius, and Street Upės closed – waking up with explosion without explosion.

10.53 h The Shield Plan was introduced. Traffic Upės g. closed.

An atmospheric bomb detector, weighing around 100 kg, has been found to be very difficult and dangerous to clean, according to expert judgment, with a bomb with explosion and active explosion, and so on. T data currently available, it is unlikely that it will be removed safely for safe use. Waiting for more specialists from the Armed Forces Engineering Lab in Kaunas, hoping to spoil the explosion on the site. The work is expected to take up to 24 hours a day. It is forbidden to go in and go into Street Up – a section from CUP (from the city's center) to a "Forum Palace" to resolve the problem.

The information will continue to be updated with appropriate messages.

Drivers and residents ask for understanding and co-operation, it is sensible to avoid driving near the venue of the event and to select more remote travel routes.

Military engineers are preparing to correct the Vilnius explosion

The Vitkus Juozas Battalion Colliers confirmed that the USSR was over 8 April. The explosion found at Vilnius, Upė Street, the 100 kg bomb during World War II at World War II. A decision is made on how it is neutralized.

It was decided to extend the security area. He almost reached the bridge at the University of Education. Police officers are asked to ensure that there is no car left at the Forum Palace.

The Soviet aircraft bomb FAB-100 was discovered in mining operations, according to military engineers, a bomb with fighting flavor. No major explosions in the land of Lithuania will come for the first time – these bombs were used during a fight in World War II. Things have taken place when the falls haven't erupted and after a few decades lying on the ground.

According to the army, around 16:00. it decided to remove the bomb from the bomb and to destroy it. Take the non-shooting bomb to the Rūdninkai website and destroy it there.

Around 16:30 The explosion was thrown and destroyed successfully. The bomb is no longer threatening.

Eradication of explosions is one of the key challenges faced by the Battalion Engineering Battalions Juozas Vitkus every year. Last year 27 hectares of Lithuania countries were surveyed and cleaned during the planned works and about 103 units were detected and polluted. range of general explosives. In 2018, 976 unregistered calls were made, 1309 standard explosion units and 4839 hand grenades were canceled, excluding non-explosive and gun-fuel related items.

Engineers in Battlefield Neutralization Remember and Ask you to take an Responsive Answer for Finding an Airplane object or similar:
· The explosion doesn't bind;
· Do not attempt to damage the material and prevent others from doing so;
· Identify the location of the search and tell those close to the output;
· Contact the police or contact a general emergency number 112;
· Make the discovery in a safe place to give information about the officers could find.

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