Any age of gluten weakness can have: can not be developed without taking steps

Some people bring allergies, relentlessness to materials that can be used. including gluten, and others – even the disease, in a press release.

Professor of Pediatric Hospital, University of Vilnius Hospital, Santara Clinics, Hospital Vaidotas Urbonas says that it is very important to listen to the signs that your body and wheat, rye and barley will only affect when they affect on nutrition. How should this look?

There may be gluten tolerance with a variety of problems that are not relevant when they are visible from the country. The most common people that include gluten and # 39; Feeling energy shortages, they are tired (64% of respondents) and their complaints about & # 39; disturbing gastrointestinal activity (55% of respondents), according to research conducted by EatEnjoy Gluten, food development by researchers at Kennesaw University. Vaidotas Urbonas a sense that they are & # 39; erosion, diarrhea, heart disease, food problems, loss of weight on the signal list.

Any age of gluten weakness can have: can not be developed without taking steps

Although there are problems of excavation, tiredness and other symptoms, scientists have not found an agreed response, a City is a? assume that they may be due to the lack of a gluten-free engine engine. In this case, the body is struggling with a unfavorable gluten protein, which causes an unpleasant sensation. And great pleasure, according to gastroenterologist, can mean three different problems: gluten, ciliation or nutrition awareness, not as a result of celiac disease.

You need to "listen" to your body

"Gluten is usually altered when eating wheat. As they are one of the biggest materials they make – it says Urbonas – how it's done; transporting food, it is difficult to prove gluten. To date, research has not been made easier and faster to prove this problem. The only new and current way to "listen" to the # 39 your body and a sense that wheat products cause suffering, pain or diarrhea pain, and deny such a diet. In rare cases, allergies can also be made with skin breeds, suffering. These symptoms, wheat must be removed immediately.

Enhanced situation with celiac disease – tolerance to gluten from wheat, barley and rye. It is a chronic illness of severe protection in the absence of gluten tolerance so strong that it can affect human beings but also health. Disease studies carried out by tutor V. Urbonas in 2012 showed that 1 out of 750 children suffering from celiac disease in Lithuania, when research results by European countries have & # 39; The connection of a ciliary patient shows that 1 in 100 European is a suffering from this disease.

According to the doctor, celiac disease is associated with many diseases: joints, aeg, childhood diseases, loss of drowsiness, anemia. "In these health problems, we should often think of a chronic disease. This can be the cause of other diseases. Unless the potential problems of cellular disease even oncological diseases: colon cancer or transgogmine, "the doctor is describes the extent of illness.

"The third disorders that are measured by materials that include gluten are aware of gluten without being caused by celiac disease. This problem is not similar to another. clear and easy to recognize. Because its base is better than using wheat materials. This case does not show any signs of celiac disease or allergies, but a person who complains, for example, of disasters or disorders, can feel better when using gluten wheat. No sense gluten due to celiac disease – a recent problem in the medical world, but for a large number of people, including singer Lady Gaga and tennis player Novak Djokovic, "says Urbonas.

Any age of gluten weakness can have: can not be developed without taking steps

It is a tough diet in the military in the battle

The treatment of gluten infectivity, according to the doctor, is a tight diet. "People with adhesives to gluten or celiac disease should not eat a piece of bread, biscuits, pasta and other gluten-free ingredients. For people with sensitivity to gluten, the diet for cerebral disease is not tight – a small amount of They have a significant impact on their health. Especially because they only need to limit materials with gluten wheat, "says Urbonas.

The second and most advanced option is its; Enjoy the ever-changing food provisions that help protect British, even though they are aware of gluten, not just because there would be a celiac disease for a classic "cake piece" "A mother or two grandmother grandmother cookies, but not all of their baskets.

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