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Avoid health gain – after winter vegetables have been altered

Doctors are warning that more attention is needed after winter health. At the end of the cold season, smaller materials and more useful materials come from last year's vegetables, a lack of sunshine, a lack of vitamin D, and the body mourning for a healing activity. Other pharmacists don't get to grips with getting further improvements from chemicals, and it's important that the group is cleaned and added to natural materials as much as possible.

Health teacher Ilona Ugintė will bring out a green cocktail. She puts a sperm, a lemon, an apple, an avocado, a cucumber, a cellar on the razor.

According to the woman, this spending can be used every day and will help to restore the power lost through the winter.

"The Welsh kidneys, the flame, the urinary tract, which is useful because we collect a wide range of rods in the winter, we are more fluid, not just young," said I. Ugintė.

Not only are people who love such Iloney healthy with their husband, but also their children.

"Indeed, when you eat a cocktail and go directly to the game, you feel a better way," said Lauronna, the son of Ilona.

But cocktails and even vitamin supplements, often recommended by doctors in the spring, aren't enough. It emphasizes that it is difficult to include vitamins as long as they are corrupt, so it is important to first wash. After cleaning, you may not need further improvements. Twelve years ago, Ilona found one of the most valuable tools to recover.

“I would ask that there would be plants, such as tansy, wormwood, clove, worshiped by Lithuanian people for a long time. I have put turmeric, oregano, spam and I've had such a bottle of cotton or a bomb, a cure for the bodies. It is taken 3 hours a day with one spoon of warm water for 40 days, ”said I. Ugintė.

When you first start mixing this mix, the need for extinction of sweets, after 2–3 weeks of exposure, will increase power and improve the skin condition. A woman says that if we don't always worry about our health, in the spring the organization will promise it. Doctors also support such views.

“To be energy-efficient and smart to get the right protection throughout the year, it's not enough to care for the body after winter or winter. We must care for the germ all the time, ”said hematologist Lina Bukauskaitė.

According to doctors, doctors are the most wanted to have microphones, minerals, scarce vitamins. It is advisable to carry out blood tests just to decide which vitamin is consumed.

According to the health expert Ilona Ugintė, the symptoms are a problem about her health spread by the body: "The skin is pushed, weighted, front legs, faces, people in the morning t notes that there is serious cold, debt and harmful diseases, all colds, sinusitis. "

Fishermen also explain that our valuable materials are not available in the spring because of reduced nutritional value of some products.

“Cabbages, carrots and insects have lost their nutritional value in spring. Added to this are the vitamins and minerals which are the only nutritional nutrients, nutrients, carbohydrates, ”said the nutritionist Jurate Dobrovolski.

The doctor is going to change the value of vegetables as food.

“Potatoes and vegetables are the leaves that form the basis of cereal crops, which meant a lot of grain. It is sunny, clear, darkflower, another type or whole grain in other words, ”she said.

Doctors argue that spring weakness is often the result of slow blood flow. It would be exercised with daily physical activity at least 30 minutes. It can be a fast step, a rough shower, good water practice – at least one and a half liters a day.

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