Beautiful Mercedes in the Silute area as Titanic: The driver is sending her; blamed on her hair

As he preached on afternoons 15 minutes This disaster occurred in the Šilutė district, on the Sakūčiai-Žemaitkaimis road. There is a place in the town where the road is; make a small loop around the bridges across the River Tenen and an old river bank. He was in the old Tenen-free ship and Mercedes-Benz killed.

His 34-year-old driver told himself about the disaster.

The official version of the possession of Mercedes-Benz GL 450 is the largest person in short. When the unexpected animal appeared on the road, the driver turned off his unwanted steering wheel, and at the same time defending his vehicle. However, their own roadwalks were found on a snowy, slippery road and they did not get out.

It is said that the distance was not very high. Despite this, the machine may run over the river and stop where to know.

In this case, a few tons of Mercedes were heavy on the ice, but they did not break them immediately.

According to experienced rescuers, this situation was particularly favorable for passengers. It would be much worse if the device was instantly broken immediately and its # 39; sink. No, in general, in humorous water. In this case, you can save yourself if the actors are not active in the films.

When Mercedes hit the ice that was in the stiff water, every second was essential. When the device was going to the right, the driver opened its door and left; went off quickly. During the same door, the passengers would have to leave the "Mercedes"; sink. Shortly, the cross-country was full of ice.

On the right side of the ice left the broken road, the driver opened his door and left; went off quickly.

"If a car was just under the ice hen, to get out, find a way out of her ice plate, it would be very tough. Here you must Special training to "communicate with you 15 minutes, debated by one experienced rescue expert.

Infant babies had to feel disturbed on the road and waiting for help.

Candidates from Klaipeda and firefighters from Silute were sent to the scene. The firemen rescued the rope with a string and put the rope rope and took the car on the road.

At least the middle of the event, there was no need for medical help for the driver and the traveler.

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