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– What summer is the Kaunas airport?

– Summer starts on 30 March before the calendar. A severe summer is probably one of the strongest places in the Kaunas airport. There's a bit of fun waiting for passengers. Last year, airlines went on air at lower prices Ryanair and Wizz in Kaunas, and LOT to Warsaw routes were launched from May. And this year another department – contract trips – will be completed. The Polish company "Itaka" runs flights from Kaunas in three directions, so using all capabilities we can transport our passengers to achieve. All of our departments now deal with tourists, emigrants and business representatives.

– What is the guidance for this season?

– Itaka, Polish company, launches new charter tours to the city of Bulgar in Varna, Antalya, a prolific Lithuanian language in Turkey, and the small island in Zakynthos discovered in Greece. These visits will run from April to October.

The same journeys last year are still there. Ryanair will continue to work on tours to Edinburgh, Palma de Mallorca, Copenhagen, Rimini, Rhodes and Girona. We see that the Polish LOT to Warsaw has been very successful. Kaunas will also be able to supply three cities of Norverg, the town of Turku in Finland, Eindhoven in the Netherlands and London, by Wizz Air.

– How are you preparing for this season?

– Most of the work is usually done, but there is another element. Because it is a small airport, timetables are combined with larger airports. They have decided what times it can fly, so we have to change. It took place in Kaunas, which is on Tuesday from 9am to 11am. we need to attend five aircraft at one time. This will be very tight, so we will need further planning and engagement with human resources and partners. This is the key challenge in managing all the jobs in these air times at these big times, but we are not afraid of this and we think we can get on well.

– What are the passengers running this year?

– For several years consecutively, the Kaunas Airport passenger flow has been increasing. Last year we delivered a service to 1 million. traveling people. This was the first time in the history of Kaunas airport, as well as the time when the Vilnius airport was moved when we gathered millions of people. This year we are likely to be close to 1.2 million. travelers will be nearly 20 per cent. growth.

– What is affecting the growth of passenger flows – new guidelines? Or perhaps Kaunas travelers get to know themselves more?

– The opening of new additional guidance in autumn has led to an increase in passenger flows. In addition, some of the existing routes have been added to some of the existing tracks. One of Ryanair's biggest news stories has been to Copenhagen.

Previously, it was possible to move from Kaunas to this city six days a week, and now Sunday, so Copenhagen will be stronger as an industrial location on weekdays and a tourist destination. T at the weekends. There is now a timetable for this. Another trip to Stansted Airport appeared in London. This is one of the key guides.

– Is there an improvement to the Kaunas Airport?

– As the flow of passengers grows, we see the need to expand the airport's infrastructure. We are currently working with colleagues to develop future development solutions. We see that around 30 per cent The ferry should increase, so making sure that there is more service capacity for users, more inspections and aircraft gates. Disabled children and parents will find it easier to travel with young children. There will be more food and shopping centers.

– Does it plan to expand the range of aircraft maintenance and repair services?

– At Kaunas Airport, aircraft maintenance is being developed, and we are continuing to work in this area. We will be working to attract new hangar operators to deal with aircraft repairs. I hope this year will see new companies coming to the Kaunas Airport.

About 80% Passengers from Kaunas Airport change in Warsaw and continue to other cities.

– Is Kaunas Airport a hit in a range of freight transport? Perhaps more trips are planned in this area?

– Currently, product rates are stable. Currently, daily twice-daily flights to European distribution installations are produced. We know that the airplanes are getting bigger, there is a slight increase in cargo, but we are still not confined to new journeys. However looking ahead, the hope for this area is hopeful, as there are growing entrepreneurial objects which will create high value products in the Kaunas Voluntary Economic Area, so we believe this will grow. in the Kaunas airport.

– The Kaunas airport is also used by the army.

– This is an important topic for the Kaunas airport. If I'm not mistaken, 80 military aircraft will arrive in Kaunas this year. These journeys are unique because the army is usually run by significantly larger aircraft than regular commercial aircraft. For example, if Ryanair's company runs 190 aircraft, it is often 300-400 sets for soldiers. The airfield is being challenged to take this size, but we're glad that the army is gathering us. We are pleased to see British, German and US military aircraft.

– A summary of the 2018 Kaunas Airport?

– The main year last year has been that Kaunas has crossed the six-zero zone and it has been a multi-million airport. It was an extremely important psychology component for the whole team. This was one of the ambitions come from the arrival of Ryanair airline at Kaunas airport.

Another important factor in linking to other airports is the creation of flat business visits. That's just what a LOT can do for us, as Warsaw can offer much of Europe. In their statistics this is very successful leadership, as around 80 per cent of people in the middle are. Passengers from Kaunas Airport change in Warsaw and continue to other cities. As a result, the atmosphere is very good, because travel geography has widened considerably for passengers.

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