Desire to focus on social networks – slavery or personality?

Or, alternatively, as I stop buying, avoiding plastic and trying to spread positive feelings in my own life and that of others. When behavior like this becomes a sign of action, Jolita Žurauskienė, psychiatric in the Personal Health Clinic, tells the press release.

The interest in interest is natural

A human desire to broadcast information about their personal life to social networks and to receive positive feedback is determined by its nature, psychological and social aspects, which says psychiatrist J. Žurauskienė. “Human rubbish, behavior, and thinking are the decisions of active biological agents in the brain – dopamine, seratonin, noradrenaline, and others. Some of them cause happiness, happiness, others – anger, sadness, and so on. From the doctor's point of view, he is aware of the chemical processes that occur in the brain – the hormone endorphin is released and the person feels pleasant. From that pleasure, the desire to be even bigger, so drugs can develop, ”he explains.

Accordingly, the estate feature decides what the person needs attention or otherwise – the excitement of the fact that some metabolic species are indigenous in the brain. “It is always useful to carry out research on whether an individual in the human household should contribute to other activities. The most popular occasions, as might be expected, are alcohol, drugs, gambling, but they may also have sports, purging or buying. Every action that causes similar processes in the brain and that creates a sense of humor can be continued. Yes, this could be a change, ”he adds.

Tumor markings are a heavy mark

According to the doctor, a person rarely admits to confessing or admitting that they have been slave. It's a big sign that some activity has been slave if it is showing signs of postponement. They are like drinking or alcoholic drinks: it's hard to think about anything else, change in energy, sleep, sleep, push, or even panic attacks, and so on. p.

It is still more common for a person not to feel that they are keeping up with a level because he doesn't even try to stop the activity that has been done. acceptance. “It seems social networks are innocent, because they don't want a high financial sacrifice as they do not harm health. He understands that someone who feels that he needs to talk on a daily basis to others – decorative or genuine – painted – getting hold of him, 'said J. Žurauskienė.

You have to lose something to pass

According to the doctor's psychologist, it is a very important sign that a person is caught up with work if other areas of life – relationships, work, and health. gives enjoyment. “It is worth making a mistake if the friends are upset and not doing much of my job, no job commitments are made, there are no time left for others, as they are really important. Sometimes the person feels there is something wrong, but he can't stop with his own power, ”Jolita Žurauskienė, who helps people who are caught.

According to the physician's psychologist, it is right that a person has to reach the stage often to do something in order to recover from slavery – to lose something very important or to injure his health. But still, statistics show that only about 30 per cent do not return people to their old ways – others are improving short-term development and reversing.

You may also have a personality feature

According to the doctor's psychology, slavery may be dependent on not only relying on responsible relatives, but also with the kind of personality. But, no one can be said to have been caught.

“There are people who are fond of people, there are more historians who are more focused on others. In reality, depopulation – those lacking in quality – are more likely to be trawling or being general slaves. When a person has no strong foundation, it is often discarded and can be easily “let”. For example, she had been moving into social networks at one time, and then suddenly eliminated, but she started buying without a party, becoming a lion with a party. suddenly growing healthily and just doing sport, ”she tells the doctor.

According to J. Žūrauskienė, nature is unpleasant. As a result, another person returns to single slavery. If such a person is casting, moving suddenly from one activity to another, it is already a sign that he or she is likely to be traveling, perhaps progressive. or not.

It is important to develop the right values

According to the physician's psychologist, if someone who takes out control of the need for attention he or she can take one item with it. T at any time, other areas of life will not suffer – its life is consistent in all areas – then it cannot be a thing. Thus, it is very important to have the right values.

“Evaluation of values ​​is a slow process, often helpful. It is very difficult for one person to deal, as the exchange – getting rid of slavery or just seeking personal status – is a very difficult and difficult task. You have to give up what was normal, happiness. Psychotherapy is one of the basic ways of maintaining depression, achieving consensus, doing in regular, useful, small everyday steps, ”said J. Žurauskienė.

For example, the world-famous Minnesota program that was used to combat slavery includes as much as 12 steps. It alters the values, attitudes and life of one person. “It is very difficult to go through these levels alone. The 30% successes drop in those truly faithful to their efforts, and the expert on this route delivers the right equipment and helps with harmful activities t "To make it meaningful," said psychiatrist Jolita Žurauskienė.

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