Do Lithuanians – resigned to 200,000. euro savings?

From the beginning of 2019, the formula for pension-change changes, which allows a salaried employee to pay around 200 thousand personally in full-time employment for a pension in the second column property. euro Theoretical calculations were made under the new build module by the Lithuania and Pension Funds (LIPFA) Investment Association.

The extent of the expected savings was measured by adjusting the layout model so that the savings from the young person who started the pension, coupled with the promotion of state inspiration, were stored according to & # 39; life asset model. LIPFA calculations are based on the fact that a full-time resident has a & # 39; pay up to a fee of 1000 euros and the age will be off when the employee arrives at age 65. During the time of collection, annual salary growth is estimated to be 3.5-5 per cent per annum.

It is estimated that it is for the 200,000 that are rounded. In the future, a person can buy as many services and services as now available for 91,000 euros. euro

"The state's social insurance system offers pensions of old age, but it is not confidential that they are not enough in the essential needs of most situations, so we & # 39; make an estimate of the savings that could be expected by a 1000 euro resident on paper. Currently, non-executive staff from 2019 are allowed to go – second-level and start saving on retirement. After leaving their job market, this will be a real source of income to more, "said L Š president Šarūnas Ruzgys.

Accordingly, 3 per cent of the person who expires the salary, together with the incentives of 1.5% of the states in 2070, should collect a round of 201,000. euro The special savings can vary depending on the level of collection and macroeconomic situation.

At this time, in the second phase, 1.3 million or even 9 per 10 employ an official job; raising their pension. According to Š. Ruzgio, who is growing out of the population and emigrating will not be able to; Strengthening new demographic challenges, which is becoming increasingly difficult for the state to respond to itself.

"It's never been too late to start saving. From next year's tax reform, almost every globe will be able to play a part or everything that adds to Series II cover and will not reduce the income ", – says Š. Crucadh

When you have a pension collection in Level II and a & # 39; allocating up to 3 per cent of the salary, the state also produces 1.5% of the contribution from the country's average salary. The assets of the future pensioner are invested, and their & # 39; proportion of conservation funds.

When the person drags out & # 39; labor market and growth as an old age pensioner, the biggest disaster is caused by the monthly income being generated; Reduced significantly, they need to re-select their priorities, and learn how you can allocate lower income. According to experts, after 20 years, then their retirement may last five times less, since the state can only give them 23%. current salary pension.

In the second quarter of this year, the average salary in the tax country was € 918.8, and it was The average age pension for the state is € 337.

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