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Do manufacturers make pockets out and keep?

Samsung and Huawei offer highly sensitive paste phones. How expensive are phones phones to "add" into our daily, and most importantly, to our daily activity. budget?

Technology enthusiasts have been talking about attracting phones, which can be returned or pushed for nearly ten years, but just like the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X were put on launched, telephones are branded as the future and smartphone management. However, the headquarters that have been waiting for the duration of the time; is increasingly bigger than sending answers. Here are the main doubts why these "cosmetic" phones for their "cosmetic" price are not practical and there is still an amazing story.

Samsung includes a Fold Galaxy textphone

1. Screenshots

When we marry the paper page and then reinforce it again, we see wrinkles. Although the phone flip screen is made of more advanced material than a paper, the small roosts can still be seen, especially when viewed from near the screen. It is difficult to believe that these companies have already challenged this problem, so paid payers are more likely to be the prototype of good day-to-day telephony technology with the benefits of a larger screen.

2. Sustainability and reliability

These incredible phones are likely to be ten or even hundreds of journeys per day. Scientists say that there are more and more people suffering from nomofobia (fear of their phone number), so the phone needs to be in a position; Use everyday to be stable and reliable. How will the single pockets be replaced by the phones phones? Will the thousands of "bending" movement be held with a long disturbance? Huawei's representatives indicated that the phone they provided was maintained so that the screen did not go, and this was done by a & # 39; A special band made by engineers for three years. It is a question; Yes, did you have time to try it in the way you tried the procedure.

3. Software

Developing Android tablets (producers) should be as important as it is to improve the development of third-party software. Although Google has already confirmed that everything is working well on impossible phones, many applications can be made and equipped with these applications will be a long time and effort. Gadget developers have already competed in different sizes and screens and boundaries, and paste phones can also be used. become more challenging. How many development tools would be suitable for registers? For example, the most popular Instagram with an iPad or Android program app is not today.

4. Military capacity

Interestingly, how long will Samsung Galaxy Fold 4380 mAh products & gives a so large screen on the cover. In contrast, Samsung's battery has up to 7040MB battery, although Samsung Galaxy S 10 5G has a smaller screen with a 4500 mAh battery. In addition, the phone itself will not improve energy and it will only accelerate. The Huawei Mobile Phone Battery of 4500 mAh is capable of each side. Representatives from companies say that the battery will be brought back quickly.

5. (No) Select

Samsung did not specify how tough the phone was, but to # 39; Considering the size of its USB attachment, the payphone can be said to be deeper than the normal phones. In fact when we get married. Huawei's mobile phone is 11 mm thick. Critics emphasize the fact that a regular phone of this thickness at a much larger battery would be more reliable than telephones and tend to broadcast much to make daily and competitive use.

6. Price

Both Samsung and Huawei have introduced mobile phones as an ultra-flexible product for special customers. The ones that are special and "singles" are trying to try prototyperators rather than complicated practices. Samsung Galaxy Fold will cost around EUR 2000 and a European market will reach 3 May. Huawei Mate X is even more expensive – it will cost EUR 2300. Such a price is likely to impede these devices to be the result of users of at least to date. Mobile phones of these opportunities appear as a mysterious and diligent display, a symbol of flexibility and confidence, but many friends do not; carrying out everyday activities.


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