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Dr. D. Gilius: about a relationship with T.Pacce and the game in Euroleague

This January David Gailius after nearly four years he returned to his native Klaipėda and went into Neptune.

However, this was not the only change in the footballer's recent life – only a few weeks ago, the Gory family had a third family.

“Before the first child, there were speeches that it would be difficult, but when the child comes, he doesn't feel these problems. In fact, there is no life around you, living for something already. But we support each other in the family if the rest is needed – the family always give it to him, ”said the player LKL TV.

Previously, Gailius left Klaipėda in 2015 – after his first season and very successful at Neptūnas in Euroleague. The local invigilator works with the laughter at the time.

“I remember that year very well. The first one was frightened, and everyone asked us what to do. We have been anxious for some time, but we got a good time and played really well, lost one game at home (before Paraguay came to Olympiacos Extension) and tried to make more effort, ”added an athlete. memories and memories.

After that, a large quarter football player's team was offering a number of tenders, but they decided to stay in Lithuania and then chose the Lithuanian morning of Vilnius.

"There were other suggestions, come from Spain, but Lietuvos Rytas offered good conditions, putting everything into practice, it wasn't hard to make a decision", explained Gailius.

But if he had to work with Tomas Pačės, a coach that didn't seem to share their flat basketball in Lithuania, Vilnius had to work in Vilnius. True, the ball-player did not feel a lot of difference, although he admitted there was a warm feeling.

“Two years in Vilnius was not easy, there were steady changes in coaches, players, some riots. Thomas Patch had a dispute but we realized that he was at the coach. Now look back and think there was normal everything, ”said the player.

In the summer of 2015, Klaipeda changed not only the club, but also represented a Lithuanian team at the European Eisteddfod, where they got silver medals, after which they won silver medals. they have finished in Spain.

Gauly itself admits that returning home after each passing football has always been a special phenomenon.

“There is a different atmosphere at home, but that work is not so long you want to try other leagues, try something new, and this is always at home. "Neptune made me start, we would always be thankful to them and now I am trying to pay for it," the landowner didn't fear the lovely words of the harbor town.

On his return home, a citizen of Klaipeda got Kazis Maksvytis, a coach which helped him grow up as a player.

“We've been with this coach for years, it's bigger than the coach. I can tell him, there's nothing to keep for it, there's no problem with it, ”said a strategic basketball player.

Although the Klaipėda singer is feeling at home again, he hopes to return to Euroleague.

"It would be very exciting to come back. You have to have goals, because if you think you don't want anything more, the job would make no more sense. I hope I get it. opportunity, ”the player was hopeful.

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