Egidijus Dragūnas did not stand when he saw a girl in a circle of sex.

T. Pakutinskas was confiscated by Egidijus Dragūnas, the leader of the Sel group. This is his appearance near the rival in the international tournament that has caused a number of additional readings in the field. Moreover, a renowned singer has not only been able to support a friend, but also sees the girl standing beside him and dressing sexually.

His knees were influenced by Dragūnas, a member of the Bushido Angels, who had the flag. It is easy to note that the girl's skirt that appeared in the ring was very short, so the dark-black singer did not have a big impact and threw away away. True, there was no Seller leader talking to the girls.

Egidijus Dragūnas did not stand when he saw a girl in a circle of sex.

DELFI reminds that T. Pakutinskas objected to Sergius Firsov from Belarus. Without a bigger stand, the name T. Pakutinskas, who also has the nickname of Teudair Monster, won a technical break after 1 minute. 36 seconds It was unlikely that Belarus was a true competitor in the ring or further afield.

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