European League quarterly league screens: Shadow of Racism and Advantage from National Directors

The winning entries and verifying their favorite standards will be handed back to the stadium this week, and for your attention the quarter-rounds will be given: twins favorites, team history, a playing at the time and worthy of attention.

Liverpool – Porto

History History. Teams met six times in European competitions, three games ended in Liverpool, three times the silent clubs.

The last two matches were held in the last Champions League in the last season, when teams in the eighth final – the first game in the first game after the English team.

Porto left three balls that Sadio Man put on his way out of the gate and a 5: 0 score was broken with him, but he managed to stay home – the game came to an end with a zero picture.

Team format. Former archaeologist Porto Jose Mourinho said his pair are Liverpool's strength and will be part of the Scottish Premier League title.

The ever-changing English supporters will not allow Liverpool team to focus on the Champions League, but the same is available in Portugal, where Porto only keeps going back. T battle for Benfica in Lisbon. As the English team, Porto won the match in the league after winning his eighth final.

I prefer. Over the past year, Liverpool had to deal with the Sergio Conceicao team and this year, overtaking Porto's obstacle easily. The Portuguese team coach made decisions after last year's failure and should avoid the same progress, but Sadio Mane or Virgil van Dijk, in their best position, should lead the team to the next. level.

Porto's escape has also been weakened by illness from one of the directors, Alex Telles. In a Braga-style duke, Brazil received a 11-foot fine torture and was wounded. The protector on the left may not lose its first counterpart. And the warnings he has already got have eliminated another Pepe counterpart and preserved Hector Herrer.

Well, Liverpool is also victorious: the yellow defender stopped Andrew Robertson, who captured him with midfielder Joe Gomez.

The player pays attention to it. Moussa Marega. Coming earlier than expected after the trauma and having played the second semi-final Porto tour with Roma, the player scored and passed successfully in the second game after injury.

In contrast, Marega, who is punished by Italy, hopes to be like a similar role in the quarter finals, and in a mild attack, Mali's producer is productive.

London Tottenham Hotspur – Manchester City

History History. Teams in the international competition had never met, but there were 156 games in the number of games on the local front – Man City won 61 prizes, a London team won less, and 35 games ended.

In the same session this season, City won the Wembley race with a 1: 0 score after the striking Riyadh Mahrez strike.

There is no need to return to this live Tottenham homes – the London team opened a new stadium last week, affecting the town's neighbor's Crystal Palace.

Team format. After winning the eighth tournament, the team played a different league. Man City had a good time – head to the FA Cup finals and won two Premier League prizes, with Tottenham only happy to win the Crystal Palace in a new stadium. Games by Southampton and Liverpool didn't end, but the team kept third in the competition schedule, because the neighbors were falling.

Harry Kane

Harry Kane

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I prefer. "50 and 50 opportunities," said Pep Guardiola, a City Man coach, in two opportunities. Despite 16 teams competing in the Premier League league, there is no real benefit from Manchester. T

For the title in England, the team recently played fighting for Sergio Aguero, the most successful seasonal player, who returned to training only at the end of last week. If Argentina does not appear on the square in the first London resolution, it will be a great loss, as without the Man Man player the English defenders are now split up and usually do not exist. the same difference between Brighton and the FA Cup final.

However, the Tottenham list left the tragic Harry Kane and Dele Alli players and the new life club began in a new playground where the first round will be held.

The player pays attention to it. Danny Rose. While Rose was broken during a break, Rose Rose in Montenegro suffered a racist attack, and then Tottenham defender said she was waiting to end her career as she had no clear ground visible. the battle against racism. t

After these words of Rose, the trainer Guardiola stood for the footballer: "I will talk to it before the game." The best way to fight racism is to fight. D. Rose is a noted player.

Ajax Amsterdam – Juventus Turin

History History. The Europeans' teams met 12 times, Ajax twice, but in the last nine matches of Juventus stayed in the 1996 Championships, where the Champions League won. the Italian team won the cup after the penalty series.

For the last time, the teams have fallen in 2009-2010. In the first European league season, where Juventus celebrated the impact, at the first stage, he defeated Ajax with a total score of 2: 1.

Team format. The teams at the top of the national championships came to a victory after the eighth final which won – Juventus the first time failed to win the Serie victory when Genoa came ashore and Alkmaro AZ lost an AO. T Ajax.

After the defeat, the two teams won a series of three trophies, which helped Juventus break away from second place in Italy, and the Dutch club won the first Eredivisie.

I prefer. The fight for the title in the Netherlands is only for the benefit of Juventus. A team of 20 points away from Naples will be able to focus on the Champions League as the local competition has already finished his job – one left point for the competition club.

Although his favorite label was on Juventus, the trauma was for Cristiano Ronaldo's director and doubts about Portugal's appearance in the first game, to the Netherlands.

Ajax has already shown this season that the largest European clubs are equally equal, so Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci, the Italian young defenders, will not have to go to Dushan, Tadiy, or Hakima Ziyech, who visited in the eighth tour.

The player pays attention to it. Moise in Kean. The young footballer, who didn't receive Bonucci support after racist abuse, was among the last three games and became president of Juventus when the clubs returned after they had a rest .

However, in the Champions League, Kean played only 22 minutes of the season – in the second group game, with Bern & Young Boys, and in the Atletico rivals in Madrid, so are practice is still needed in the biggest location in Italy.

Manchester United – Barcelona

History History. In the 11 European tournaments, the Manchester team, three – Barcelona, ​​three times.

The last two successful games for the Catalans were – in the Champions League Finals of 2009 and 2011 after the goals of Lionel Messi at that time, the training team from P. Guardiola won two titles.

Team format. The nearest competitor, Atletico Madrid, has won the gap to 11 points in Spain who have to fight for title in Spain, and she may feel calm about the title.

Manchester United then lost three out of four games after winning the eighth final in Paris, where Ole Gunnar Solskiyer began in the sixth position.

I prefer. In the last duel of the United United, United Arab United last year, Marcus Rashford, Eric Bailly, Alexis Sanchez, Antonio Valencios and Ander Herreros were not wounded.

For his own part, Barcelona is just concerned with Ousmane Dembele, who was injured in the eighth Lyon final, but has already gone back to exercise. After almost a month, Samuel Umtiti, a midwife in mid-March, returned to the team.

The event has led to the success of the team trained by Ernest Valverde – Catalonia has no problem with injury, they join in the national fight with each other, and 39 t Messi leaves the site at least one goal for 6 consecutive games. Barcelona is the favorite of this couple.

The player pays attention to it. Diogo Dalot. In an unsuccessful duel with Wolves, perhaps the best footballer was Portugal in a losing team.

Although Antonio Valencia is going to heal his trauma and he is about to leave Manchester at the end of the season, Dalot has benefited from his turmoil and has been Lead candidate in place of Ecuador as defender on the right.

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