European scientists: 2021 Marsh Surface Research Kazačiokas

The European and Russian Space Organizations, ESA and Roskosmos, have given names to the Red Planet's two-explorer. The platform is known as Slavicach Kazačiok dance dance.

And 2021 In February, Mars began researching a plant that came out of the Kazačiok stage, named after British scientist Rosalind Franklin. The woman was one of the pioneers of DNA research, she says

The names given to the devices give the group the place to create. The stages are the stages, and European scientists are the stage.

The Kazačiok of Rosalind Franklin not only brings Mars to Mars, but will also be the foundation of the Red Planet. The technological solution is making it possible to reduce the speed of a cyclist and provide movement. Because of this, the Marsaeigers measures only 207 kg.

These tools are part of the ExoMars program. By Mars, the first equipment – the TGO methane gas planet – and the Schiaparelli pilot package were produced. Instead, instead of falling on the surface of the planet, he ran into the ground and went down.

After the Red Planet reached the Red Planet, TGO becomes the main point of contact for data access to our planet.

Rosalinda Franklin Mars looks for animal signals. Machines on the device allow access to up to 2 meters deep, receive and analyze samples. And Kazažiok, a paper, monitors the Mars air and changes in radiation levels. These data are needed to send people to the planet in the future. The Russian facility also looks for extra evidence to support the view that water had been draining on the planet.

Machines should go to Mars next July. They are currently being tested at a space study center in Turin, Italy.

“We have a strict examination table in Italy and France. Francois Spoto, the leader of the ExoMars team, named in the ESA report, co-ordinates the Russian and European co-operation teams as vital to the successful opening of the Baikonur stadium.

The cruise ship is due to be landing on the Red Planet Oxia Planum the plane. The final reservation will be agreed by ESA in the summer.

2020 In July the US Space Agency, NASA, is planning to send Marshal to Mars. It is called Mars 2020.

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