First debate on leadership: relations with Russia – Which candidate will give Putin the chance?

On Monday, face-to-face in debate, in the country's leading election groups.

In the National Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania of the arguments of the economist Gitans Nausėda, Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis and a Member of the James Ingrida Šimonytė were getting confused.

First debate topics include foreign policy and defense, as well as the legal framework.

The event is being organized by the BNS news agency, the Center for Eastern Europe Studies, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the National Library.

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At the end of the debate, around 21:00, the politicians discuss the outcome of the debate. The debate will be broadcast directly on the same web channels.

Who would meet Putin?

He was the first question about the relationships between Lithuania and Russia. A candidate who was head of the Christian Democrats of Homeland Lithuania (TS-LKD), I. Šimonytė, said that Lithuania was a small country, but, according to him, it would not be necessary to sacrifice its values, for example. an example of better relationships with the neighboring state.

"I don't know if we can think, without affecting our values, our beliefs, that we can sometimes specify these rules, those values, if we need something to some of the aims, t to fulfill our interests, "- said Šimonytė.

The media report that the Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid expects to meet the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Šimonytė argued that the Baltic States should have a more joined-up approach to Russia. She would, if she were elected to the president, say that she doesn't need to meet Putin at this time.

"I wouldn't see what we can talk about at the moment," I stressed I. Šimonytė.

The presidential president of the Lithuanian president Peasant and the Green Union (LSSR) S. Skvernelis said he believed the Baltic States' views on Russia, his aggressive actions in the countries of other countries were united. He confirmed that the Estonian president was planning to meet Putin to represent the interests of Estonia. The aristocratic candidate didn't make out that he would do the same, as it were to the land of Estonia.

“If this was needed, I would do the same. I have no doubt that the President of Estonia will do this, according to his country's national interests, ”said Skvernelis.

“We have a clear stand on the ideas of Estonia, the European Union and the British States in the face of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and other countries. […] Then the national interest is above all. If there is such a request, we may not know about Estonia. I respect the situation of that state and your confidence to talk to an aggressive challenger who is certainly in a neighboring state, ”explained Skvernel.

G. Nauslida urged him not to evaluate to evaluate the Estonian President's plans to meet the Russian chief of Putin. Correspondingly, there had always been a Lithuanian situation on Russia which had been consistent with the truth that the Ukraine could not be accommodated in the 21st century.

“I support such a policy, but on the other hand it doesn't mean that every window has to be closed for economic, cultural relations. I think relations with Russia should be a key priority right now, because we will have to wait with these people even when the current term of Kremlin leaders comes along, ”explained Nausėda.

In June 1940, when the government decided to appoint Soviet, the President of Antony, left Lithuania. Is he correct?

G. Nausėda stressed that the most important aim of A. Smetona was to prevent his hands from being a strange rule or a legal one.

"He had not saved his retreat, but tried to stop the right of the new order that was put on the iron monks," said G. Nausėda.

He didn't need to walk the cliché which was good for the Soviets, he said.

"The escape story was designed by Soviet historians to weaken pre-war politics," said Šimonytė. According to her father, A. Smetona was not the supporter of the conflict, and so people greatly damaged their poem.

But I, Šimonytė, is the president who should leave the country.

S. Skvernel says that A. Smetona could not choose the commander of the army properly and that he had determined his position to resist.

"We had one of the strongest forces in Lithuania, and the president had to do that and to do so," he said.

And after the decision was made, according to the Prime Minister, the Smetona decision had no decision. However, he said that such a situation would not end and end up fighting.

Lithuania courts were broken by a bribery scandal. What can be done to prevent this happening again?

S. Skvernel explained that this is also a system problem. Some of the issues associated with the appointment of judges should be undoubtedly resolved.

"There is no clear job opportunity, often the judges have to make decisions to expect a better job," said the applicant.

According to man, it is necessary to ensure that trade is not sold, the institute said.

G. Nausli said that from 2015 there was a pollution awareness index from 2015 out of 100 out of 100, so he stayed.

"In my opinion, we have a sufficiently closed justice system in which the public has, however, limited control opportunities," he said.

He suggested a different form of the Privy Council, an attempt with the Public Speakers Institute.

The Court of Corruption Court, proposed by S. Skvernel, would not be able to help – if you just want to contribute to a bureaucracy.

President Šimonytė said the judges were very strong and would not condemn them all because of one event like this. “The judges have a fantastic and honest set of people,” she said.

According to the applicant, the President may not kill you but because there is a lot of pollution for everyone.

The questions by I. Šimonytė are about the professional government and the penalty

Ingrida Shimonytė asked Nausėda if he would ensure he would put people in clear support in the Semester when he becomes president. y. the professional government we do?

G. Nausėda said that he was not. He said that she was afraid of "unsupported ministers" (in the political sense) working. “I see that the government has not achieved the expectations of the public,” he said.

This is shown by trustworthiness. “Politicians and ministers should be politicians,” he stressed.

She asked, didn't he think that the Lithuanian consciousness had been punitive and criminal in recent years? Major crimes have fallen, but it is Lithuania who will represent Europe in the face of sentences and imprisonment.

S. Skvernel replied that he now supports the prime minister and supports the government's plans for a further penalty. “It is not a supporter that anyone who has committed a criminal act should be sentenced to imprisonment,” said the Prime Minister.

How do you vote in a referendum on citizenship?

Not the main point to talk about double citizenship but for preserving citizenship, S. Skvernel said. It is this recommendation.

The saddle also talked about maintaining Lithuanian citizenship. "You are our whole family and we won't take away the packets," said the applicant.

He was afraid that the information campaign would be initiated only a few weeks before the referendum and would not prepare for it.

I. Šimonytė said there is doubt about the creation of dual citizenship. She said she would vote for citizenship.

Astrava Nuclear Power Center – Lithuania is not supported by Latvia, Poland or the European Union. How is it dealt with?

With regards to the electric security, we have support from the Polish, we pressed on Saulius Skvernelis. Talking about Latvia, there is also no senseless "category".

"Make sure and do everything to stop the center from starting," said Skvernel. And the only way out of such a scenario would not be to turn to a gas power plant, the current prime minister said.

True, he admitted that it was very little to stop the power plant.

G. Na- stated that such a plan by S. Squernel did not believe him as it was more likely to be prepared without preparation. “Astrav NPP should be seen as a major risk, which could pose a danger,” he said, emphasizing that all neighbors in Lithuania have the power to see.

However, the applicant stated that there was no need for a link to Belarus.

Šimonytė stressed not only that Astravo dealt with the friendship of Lithuania with Belarus.

“It's obvious that Astravas is a geophysical project that there is no economy”, said the applicant.

Accordingly, Lithuania must make sure that electricity from Belarus is not entering the EU.

In the European Union – an uneasy spirit. How can you answer them?

Mr Nausėda said that the EU has been a long way from meeting the challenges facing the crisis crisis, security problems at the eastern borders, for example the growth of East nationality.

As with many others, it is important for Lithuania to communicate its ideas on specific initiatives, as they are now both diverse and diverse.

"We need to abandon the fishing rod to catch fish on the other hand, for others to do so, the fish will be distributed through the Co-ordination Fund," which criticized G. Nausėda.

I. Šimonytė said that the reasons for Euroscepticism and Brexitas are due to these reasons.

Depending on all, once should talk to people and their beliefs about what the EU is and what it can bring back.

Šimonytė said that Lithuanians in the EU were usually looking at their price for something, so an idea should have changed.

Mr Skvernel confirmed that EU leaders need to see that there is not something working or not working in the Community. It said the priorities should be focussed on social exclusion and the reduction of poverty in the EU.

"There is a desire to restrict competition and pull out our competitive transport sector," he said.

Sitting soldiers to Syria: the idea was the same

President Šimonytė, who was asked about sending Lithuanian troops to Syria, said he did not want to consider hard examples, specific military missions and the need. However, the politician noted that Lithuania's military involvement in international are highly valued.

“I think that the role of Lithuania forces in the international work of Lithuania is to assess,” – Mr Šimonytė.

Then, S. Skvernelis, then, said Lithuania troops had to take part in inviting NATO partners to international military campaigns.

“I have no doubt that our troops must join. First, it's a strong partnership. […] Second, it is a very useful military practice, ”said S. Skvernelis.

A similar suggestion was made by G. Nausėda. He confirmed that Lithuania's presence in international military activities led to strong relations between Lithuania and his allies.

"The soldiers will gain valuable experience in campaigns, which would be particularly useful in the future for some of the military conflicts," said G. Nausėda.

When the President of Ukraine changed, there was no great promise

Some of the applicants said that in the event of Volodymyr Zelensky by Petro Poroshenko in the election of president in this country, Lithuania would say whether Lithuania would change the way of relations with the Ukraine. not making big changes.

“It is the decision of the people and the country, Ukraine is our strategic partner, Ukraine's partner in the Eastern Partnership framework, about the democratic processes. shape. […] I think Lithuania won the same situation as Ukraine, ”said S. Skvernelis.

G. Naught said that we cannot assess the results of a particular country selection process. Most importantly, he said that the elections would be held democratically.

“Whatever the president has chosen, we will continue to take a long time of foreign policy relations with Ukraine, but as we have a friend, we have to tell the truth in the face if we see the bad news. T those who are hungry and who need to correct the Ukraine for violating the European Union ”, said G. Nausėda.

I. Šimonytė ensured that it was important to assess whether a national parliament of Mr Zelenskis would be supported, if he was elected President of the Landlords.

"However, our role as a supportive and friendly state of Ukraine is to help the new president as far as possible, to ensure positive change in practice. T in Ukraine, "said the candidate with a TS-LKD-supported president.

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