G.Nausėda: By reducing the number of Seimas members, pensions may be increased by 10 cents

– We have 15 presidential candidates. Are there any to be surprised when you sign up for the Central Election Commission?

– I do not put much pressure on this. First of all, I would like to hear what those candidates are who are. Praise the country to hear how bad & # 39; as they go to those elections and then to talk about the qualitative features of those candidates. Now, some surnames do not really tell me, maybe just with me, others may know those candidates. I say you should not make an error and do not start to & # 39; divide, share who's going here, you might have a weight on what you have in your luggage, and then you'll see everything on May 12 and 26.

– May 12 together with the president's election, a referendum will be held on reducing the number of members of the Seimas. If the referendum partners agreed to it and the election was elected, then the person to whom this constitutional amendment would be the case; come true. Do you think Lithuanian now has smaller Seimas?

– Let's look first at this item from the financial side. That's what I'm saying to the people in the meetings in the areas. Actually, my calculations were based on a reduction in the number of Seimas members to 101, and should be divided separately. Counting what would be in the case of real financial interpretation, it would be possible to add 20 percent per month to all Lithuanian agents after reducing the number of Seimas members from 141 to 101. Now, in fact, this solution will put 10 cents a month, so you can buy an additional game box.

Is there a free democracy everywhere and always the best democracy? You know, sometimes a few Seims members are seated in Talla Seimas, because the quorum is formal, important decisions. If there is less to sit there, I just think one thing – to get into them, to influence them, it may be easier for them to be confirmed make decisions or other decisions easier. Do we want such a democracy?

Photograph by Sigismund Gedvila / 15min / Family Room

Photograph by Sigismund Gedvila / 15min / Family Room

– Do I really understand that you are not a supporter for the reduction of Seimas?

– I'm not really interested in this solution because I think it is based primarily on populist causes and is not expecting to solve the country's basic problems. It is more of a desire to address these problems.

– The beginners and supporters for the reduction in the Seimas say that the number of members of the Seimas should be reduced, as the number of residents has decreased. Because your argument is that the people are in a position; No, not the citizens, who have fallen?

– Did people die and Lithuanians left around the world? After all, they did not die, so their interests would also have to be represented. Unfortunately, I think they are not enough to; represent if we still see an emigration process of # 39; migration. For this reason, I believe that we should establish closer relationships with Lithuanians in the diaspora, to represent their interest, as they are citizens, and that citizenship has not been taken away . And we're doing the simplest way, and what's even worse and amazingly. think that we're drawing these conclusions specifically for the elections, which seems to Cover up the arguments that the president elects happen, so it's cheaper and everything else. Indeed, this is done for all other reasons to allow the successful candidates to win the election.

– In the case of an emigrant, a presidential referendum can also take place on many nationalities. What situation do you have?

– At this point, I'm really appealing. I think Lithuania, as a mother, maybe a big mother, stay at the beginning of independence, let the children go to the world to make money and make life, and today it would be a bad thing if she said: here, left Yes, left the family, and so we are now leave a family list. I believe we should maintain strong relationships with our countries, and not only hope they will return tomorrow or next, and keep them as family members.

– And citizens?

– And as citizens too, because my citizenship, if you want, is an indication of the status of a family member.

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– You said you should focus on the key issues, so let's go to them. What is the biggest problem you think in Lithuania – an informal education system or an informal health system?

– You will create a & # 39; question how to ask if it is better with one leg or one hand.

– I ask what you would like to do faster?

– If we look forward to the future, it seems that it is essential to cure our education system by doing it; crying. But for a person who, for example, receives an oncological illness, he is in the stages when he can not do normal search within a fixed time and his / her; Loss every day as valuable as it is & # 39; waiting for these tests, maybe he does not care about the educational problem because he wants to live, he wants to live, a human fundamental desire is set up in our Constitution.

It is difficult to answer your query, but for the nation's move we need education to shout. The most important thing is that education that does not look after the time is and is to # 39; represent what was in the past and to look forward and its & # 39; Understand that what is in the future is not what it is today. For we have to make a current photograph, it would not now be done; responding to a day and tomorrow and that is why we need to focus on the most innovative roles and, in particular, to guide experts in Lithuania, hope that these professionals will not leave it because we will be able to pay appropriate salaries.

Photograph by Sigismund Gedvila / 15min / Guitars Nausėda

Photograph by Sigismund Gedvila / 15min / Guitars Nausėda

– We are very aware that the president is more likely to be a foreign policy, but people also choose their president according to what he says about politics within. With this in mind, what other key issues for the country should you identify as the most important priorities?

– I can start to & # 39; talk about the amount of income and dignity, but today people say that the countryside in our country is clearly unsatisfactory and we are not facing more people expect politics can help people to solve their problems. That's why I'm starting with a & # 39; This question: do we find a president's searcher, or do we just want to? going to do again the problems we have been carrying on and going to; drag on the tag for many years? I think of a situation where one party can not look at another party and have never been in a position; sitting at a general negotiation board, they are not a human regulator who can settle them and be able to take the whole country to be aware.

It is just then that we can move on to other things. These are regional policies because we do not have regional policies today. We have left the towns to try their way out as they can. In some places, this is a good result, as the town recognizes that it is here, as it is in the theory of Darwin, that it is & # 39; go through the strongest level and present some very positive steps in some cities today.

Other towns are still there for a while and we see that the gap between the regions is; increasingly, and sometimes they want an agreed way from the center, what should be done by our departments, because Invest in Lithuania and other organizations can do much when the unmanaged and unidentified leader his efforts. Šalčininkai even has its own free economic zone, attracting investments and less than the national average. Many of our other problems with national minority groups may now have a great deal. falling alone, because there are usually economic and social problems.

Social exclusion is another issue. Yes, we also need lower monthly salary arrangements, we need a normal, civilized dialogue, within the trade unions and employers, and the state must place as a moderator without a & # 39 ; help someone else, but for negotiation between the two sides.

We need to develop small businesses, we need capital and profit sharing, such as in the USA, for example, where there are around 10 per cent in the middle. staff can take part in the management of corporate and capital profits and have a range of options systems. In Lithuania today, these companies are units, created as a medium where both staff and employers felt in one boat and would not be to fight each other. In my speeches, I still hear the same reason behind the struggle, but maybe it's a lethotic today – we need to talk to each other, whether we are a fan occupier, democratic social or other organization. We need to talk to each other about whether we are employees of employees or employees, as we can only move forward. We need to change.

Photograph by Žygimantas Gedvila / 15min / Ramboon Karbauskis

Photograph by Žygimantas Gedvila / 15min / Ramboon Karbauskis

– But how do you see yourself as a media between different political forces, not to mention employers or staff who are not willing to make up when even the same is the only organization Most seen as Seimas's intersections; in the moment, which will be passed to the parliament? How do you think you become a media?

– Let's look at his eyes with an open eye. What's happening is now an informal sound. Politicians who carry out each type of recital with one goal – to help the party's candidates; win those elections. So, I am suddenly becoming a "conservation advocate", although I did not participate in the conservation elections. But if, as Mr Ramunas Karbauskis says, I decided not to participate in the # 39; first choice and I'll give all the support; This party could have, which would benefit from these basic elections, and yet I am a conservation candidate. Why did I do this? To go away from organizational and financial resources?

– Let's go back to my question: how would you then go to? allows a party to ask you a conservation applicant when you are not?

– I think that all would be. ends after the election and we can not & # 39; talk, because I'm not a farmer and green or as a conservationist. I think that, with a special belief of confidence, would give up by doing it. choosing the President of the Republic of Lithuania, I can find a language and be able to balance between different interests and political groups, because I am in a position; It may be useful – both information and knowledge of how you speak and solve problems. language arguments, not some language in some political reward.

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