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Governance: Technology allows you to retrieve your driving license to leave your home

For a Regitra to permit a new driving license, you need specific personal information. For example: the completion date of the medical certificate, design and signature of a person.

"To provide more and more electronic services to our people, we successfully cooperate with other organizations. Today, we can be happy that you just want to get a driver's license. online, you must go to the health check. Most of the "Regitrai" medical centers provide electronic electronic certificates, and from the last summer there is a picture and signature of a person taken from the Register, "said Saulius Sumin, Deputy Director of Management.

Images are shifted from the People's Record

More than 70 per cent today. Regitra will receive medical qualifications for medical examination electronically. At the beginning of the paper last year, they affected more than 80 per cent. The credentials that come in.

"Turning so is that everything is going into the electronic space. We have shown that the number of electronic medical certificates that will be distributed in It is very reasonable to see how big and growing it is. And this is a positive change, because people do not need to be more & Hard copy behavior, and this also offers opportunities to give them the essential services well, "said Schumin.

On the way, in last year, drivers were introduced not only by the Regitra departments. Signatures of individuals and individuals are removed from the Population Register, thus allowing the driver's license to be easily distributed through the internet. An essential issue is that the person who has not been given earlier than 5 years must have a written document.

Who usually orders a driving license online?

In most cases, online driving is ordered by people wishing to change their driving license. This group is & # 39; including new drivers who want to order a long-term driving license, which is effective for 10 years. Well, since summer summer, long-term drivers have contributed to this, with opportunities.

Analyzing the data for the last six months, we are doing it; Note that the most popular people aged 21-30 used the e-mail service. This is counted for almost 40% of the total. Little smaller – about 35 per cent. people under the age of 21. People aged 31-40 who use this chance are & # 39; growing. If the percentages of this age group were in June 10 per cent, and in December it was over 20 per cent.

Regitra recognizes that driving licenses can be ordered on a website; company, Portal Drivers.

The site also offers a home delivery service, a driving license operation that has been received or information about a lost document.

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