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I.Zasimauskaitė, Crossing Depression, describes what the body is about the disease Names

You did not understand your feelings

Almost a year ago, the famous singer IZasimauskaitė spoke about public encounters with depression. Turning back and remembering the first sign of sickness, Ieva says she cannot be annoyed at this long illness and waits for low growth.

"Sorrows will usually do a day or two, but eventually he will go away. My sadness was very different, and he went with me from morning till evening and he didn't. When he went home; I told the people around me that I was sorry, I got the answer that everyone was sad, I understand, I am not alone and tried to look positive in my life. Words like "think of children in Africa" ​​are not helping out, the hardest is that those around you will not understand if you don't suffer from such an infection. understand, fear or not know how they will help – repentance IIasimauskaitė. Everyone will look happy around you and you start to think that you only have one. try to tell someone how you are feeling, but when you find it is not you understand, you start to hide your feelings. He is sad because you do not understand what has happened to you. Normally we get a bit of a joke with some jokes or negatives, a grief – a laugh. It may be a form of self-defense, to protect yourself from the environment, so that you are not bothered by anyone, about the issue.

The body attacked signals

In the long term, Eve's grief and worry became a serious illness that was not even suspicious even when the group began to promote more aggressive symptoms. The artist was attacked by dangerous attacks. As it looks, this is one of the worst things yet. You cannot control your senses, the attack is shocked to the unexpected. “At that time, it looks like he is dying, but if you go to a doctor or visit an ambulance, you don't find out that anything is happening to you. For me, panic attacks were repeated, and then quite terrifying. And the worst thing was that you didn't want to tell anyone about it, because no one can understand you yet, ”remembered I.Zasimauskaitė, who one of them said is above. 'That young wife is so typical that she can't keep on continuing.

Photo of person in attendance / Eve Zasimauskaitė

Photo of person in attendance / Eve Zasimauskaitė

Eve remembers that her husband, Marius, has been asking for experts. The singer then knew that he was suffering from depression. However, Eve admits that an expert does not help something that can completely heal it – it does not eliminate the cause, but remove the effects. Eve has recovered from an unrestricted decline by changing his life, where rule, prayer, meditation, and healthy nutrition have an important role to play.

“At first Marius stopped smoking, he refused to drink, meat. Although I saw that it was changing the scenery, so differently, looking for peace, I was so frightened. But in Barcelona I was attacked by a panic attack. I was lying in the bed, it was terrible, I thought I would die, so I turned to God: "If I bring healing, I will make you promise I will change my life. I'll always do it." And from the first prayer, my life began to change, and I began to follow the seminars about life, happiness, healthy lifestyle, denied drink, to enter the day, to start in the day, I spoke a mantle, leaving depression, ”I remember Z Zimaimauskaitė, who won the fight with laziness.

Psychologist: not only does a disease pose a dangerous disease

A psychologist. Marius Daugelavičius tells some difficult statistics: about 20-25%. people all over the world have been experiencing low times at least once. Factors such as age or social status have little impact. Lowering can affect anyone who is of any age, gender and education.

A psychologist states that the character of a person is causing depression. “An illness is usually a closed, invisible, self-disciplined and charged person, who is likely to take on different responsibilities, work, and issues," t M. Daugelavičius. Assault.

However, grief should not be put off at the main points of the problem that it might be a normal concern to people. According to a psychologist, if someone is sad, it is not a big problem. The problem is when it stops all feelings.

"Depression is a disease of emotion – an individual can avoid anger, always wanting a good look, but not tired. Although this is not the case, only a human being t be allowed to express that negative feeling, also with grief, if someone allows to be turned himself, made a complaint, divide pain, it is unlikely to be depressing, but if being ashamed Everyone has to hide because the public has to look active and positive, in such cases causing stress-causing conflict, the man is still poor and giving from the inside, 'said the psychologist M.Dodgevičius.

Photo by Justina Rau Photography / Eve Zasimauskaitė

Photo by Justina Rau Photography / Eve Zasimauskaitė

According to a psychologist, high fatigue is one of the most obvious symptoms, losing interest in his hobbies and activities, and negative reflection. People with depression often suffer from sleep problems, going through thoughts of suicide. Dr. M. Daugelavičius also says that this is not only a visit to the autumn or spring. Accordingly, this season does not have a profound effect on this disease. When the seasons change, lightning can light up, but it can happen at any time.

Psychological problems

With depression it often involves not only the tiredness, the mood, the emotion and the sleep chaos. Experts say that some symptoms may be more lenient and may not always be related to feelings. The disease also includes less obvious symptoms caused by physical pain and physical changes in the body.

According to dr. People who suffer from depression often complain about unhealthy pain and illnesses and find experts for the causes of illnesses they have suffered. Depression often affects the back or chest, the joints or muscles, the heads, bone diseases. Psychological illness affects heartbeat, increases heart rate, and increases blood pressure.

Actual depression can also be caused by depression. There are cases where depression is mixed with thyroid illness, as some mental illness and thyroid symptoms are very similar. Hormone disorder can cause up to 60 symptoms of depression – weakness, acceleration, disease, anxiety, tiredness, and so on.

Photo by Justina Rau / Eve Zasimauskaitė

Photo by Justina Rau / Eve Zasimauskaitė

Long Stress Tearm

Scientists are warning that a dangerous disease can be marked and severely positioned by a large eye on the internet. Modern technologies are particularly active in the emotional state of people. A continuing test of first-hand smart devices is a test for a person who is suffering from a huge burden.

A person who has a computer dependency or mobile device often feels long-term anxiety and pressure. Research by Hyung Suk Seo, the professor at Seoul University, shows that relying on chic equipment is closely related to neurochemical imbalance in the brain, depression, anxiety, malnutrition and mental.

According to experts, at certain stages of their life it can be part of a life. However, their long term emphasis and worrying causes is dangerous and damaging to human health. This has resulted in poor misconduct, malice, feelings of feelings, sadness and exhaustion.

Motion and nutrition

Experts indicate that the disease itself can recover over the first levels of depression. Psychologists say that life is a vital link in mental illness. That's why your sport, communicating with other people, think, and even some plants or a combination of vitamins can help reduce depression.

Image by Julius Kalinskas / 15min / Eve Zasimauskaitė

Image by Julius Kalinskas / 15min / Eve Zasimauskaitė

Serotonin, good spiral hormone, a result when someone moves actively, is involved in similar activities. Psychologists say that there are three large whales that have serotonin stills meaning sun, physical movement and their favorite activities.

If a person wants to help him or her overcome his / her depression, it is necessary to report that you do not have to complain to help him write if he cannot write – write more closely to the actions. best wishes to try to achieve as good a level of active exercise in non-smart technologies.

Also pay attention to diet, eating lots of acid-rich foods – spinach, asparagus, avocado, broccoli, egg. Use vitamins and supplements for the nervous system, which includes B vitamins, vitamin C, folic acid and magnesium. Also included are botanical herbivores, such as saffron, turmeric, and bicalococcal pieces which can help to maintain normal moods. In America, a few years ago, the results of the research showed that the depression indicators were not carried out more quickly and effectively in patients who give blood acid. Modern scientists have carried out numerous investigations with saffron with antidepressant buildings and their impact on our body. Not only should the most expensive spices in the world be recommended for food. Properly used saffron improves the standard well-being of the body and can help to recover through heavy forms of depression.

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