In Lithuania, there is a widespread disease: after communicating with your illness, you have 72 hours

With spread of fluid disease in Lithuania, they can not protect themselves from dangerous diseases. Those who want to be immunized should be a purse against their crusher.

The news portal remembers, since the beginning of the year, that 14 liturgical cases were reported in Lithuania, eight children and six adults reported, the Center for Conceptive Diseases and AIDS said.

Reptile is a beard of a beard disease, which is a disease; spread through the airplane and appear in the fever, love and flow of the air and the relationship. Measles have been and are still one of the most common causes of death among all diseases that are under the control of a vaccine. Tymai has a strong influence in countries where the numbers are immunized enough.

Free for children and talk to them

Kristina Žukauskaitė, Public Health Associate on the Communications Feeds and AIDS Center, for babies, 15-16 months old, said and had 6-7 year olds ; Free vaccination from the crushed, from the emergency and from rubella.

"According to the research, long-term protection has been shown after two measles of measles, loose diseases and a rubella vaccine," said K. Žukauskaitė.

The State Health Insurance Fund will buy an annual vaccine, which is delivered to the warehouse for infectious Diseases and AIDS. A vaccine is taken from the medication facilities.

Adjustment can also be given to adults who do not belong to a free vaccine. The cost of vaccine is between 25 and 30 euros.

In the case of a vaccine with Zukauskaitė, a person should apply to his healthcare center to a GP who will assess the condition of his / her vaccination after assessing his / her; health case.

Free vaccine is free for adults who have spoken to a person with a sick job. They are deducted by the compulsory health insurance property. A person who has been in contact with a person who is suffering from deaf should contact the GP's healthcare provider and warn them about their relationship.

"It is recommended that you are vaccinated within 72 hours after talking to the affected patient," said healthcare doctor.

According to K. Žukauskaitė, there must be a wait for all the time, which lasts 21 days, and if not ill, he must be vaccinated if he does not get vaccinated.

A measles will be a start with a fever, cough, turn a nose, eye swing. A few days after a disease begins, it will rise, especially in the field range, and then breaking, torso cover, members. Brochure has still been in place for a while in a bra.

Lung inflammation, larynx damage, and lesser time – the curricula will be combined with the brain (encephalitis).

Obesity, laryngitis, otitis are the most common in a & n; measles. In rare cases, myriad encephalitis can be done.

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