In the expansion of ALBA led by R.Giedéadis, he has taken the leading edge program

The second European Cup final for the Berlin Cup was called for the extension of the Berlin Berlin home 95:92 (23:21, 19:18, 20:20, 21:24, 12: 9) who breaks the Valencia team at Valencia.

Throughout the game, the crush never stopped. After 27 seconds, Peytonas Siva reduced the 79:80 difference at least.

Then Fernando San Emeter and P.Siva turned a cage for throwing, and the ALBA player hit a second goal and the crowd stopped. Rokas Giedraitis also took over the rest of the time and rushed to spend the long time, but it didn't show an astonishing result.

R.Giedtis won the first expansion points with a long view and Scotland kept the opportunity. At the end of the second section, he was thrown by Luke Sikma.

R.Garis 17 points (1/2 colon, 4/8 three points, three penalties 3/4) got in this game for 32 minutes, he scored 2 members, got the result, took over and lost he and his opponents won 3 fouls. and achieved 14 performance scores.

The series culminates in two 1: 1 awards, and the final meeting will be held in Valencia.

For this game, with Serbia Ilija Beloševičius and Greek Elias Koromil, it was reviewed by Gytis Vilius in Lithuania.

ALBA: Rokas Giedraitis 17, Luke Sikma 15 (6 r., 4 re.), Martin Hermannsson (6th rd.) And Peyton Siva (6th year later). After 14, Niels Giffey 11.

Valencia: Sam Van Rossom 22 (6/8 three-point), Fernando San Emeter 16 (penalty punches 10/12), Will Thomas 15 (5th place second).

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