Indrė Patkauskaitė was awarded the Statue of Liberty for its commitment to theater

"Indrė Patkauskaitė – the actor given by level personality. Women play – burning eyes, an impressive wind, bad weather, but at the same time fragile, vulnerable, proud but able to sacrifice. it's rough, but hidden for the long cold of the cold in. The actor Indrė Patkauskaite is also characterized by the attitude of the job, modality, loyalty to the theater and service to it, ”someone says. -ealain the theater Ramunė Balevičiūtė.

Indre was presented to the most recent work in the "Marti" exhibition (led by G.Tuminaitė). Previously, his work was "Varia A. Chekhov's Cherry Garden", "Woolen Banquet" Young FG Lorca, Dovydiene Vaižgantas "Uncle and Daddy", Erdman's Suicide, Podsekalnikova, Mammi M. Gorky, Maria Stiuart F. von Schiller “Maria Stiuart”, “Madagascar”, M.Ivaskevic Hall, “Two Swings” and Gitela Moska by man Gitela Moska.

"The wisdom and attention is the depression and will – the qualities necessary for the actor, creator, depend on promoting qualities that open up routes to Congratulations to those who follow this journey, but we must see if anyone is gentle, tall and light-hearted, without forgetting ourselves. Now in my honor the honor of Me and the work of others. ”, Congratulations to Indre Patkauskaite and the entire Vilnius Theater community with Day of Theater, appointed by the founder of the theater and by Rimas Tumin, in a letter of recommendation.

It is possible that the Vilnius Small Theater, born with Lithuania, was renamed "Freedom" (March 1990). The Liberty sculptor is pleased that the Vilnius Small Theater Community has chosen to award to the Lithuanian artist who is creating it in Lithuania to add to culture. Previously it has been created for Lithuanian Freedom Defenders, which stands at the Vilnius TV Tower.

Special awards for the tricks of Egle Gabrėnaitė and Gediminas Girdvainis were awarded for their dedication in drama, professionalism and creative understanding. Having created high quality careers in the "Marti" exhibition, those actors are already in April 25-26. Invite your first impression "I don't remember anything" according to Arthur Miller, led by Cyril Glušev.

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