Interesting distance: supporters flew out tickets to Fenerbahče within hours of hours

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Kaunas Žalgiris plays in an attractive field – Kaunas fans have just bought their tickets for this game in just a few hours. T0 April @ Quarterfinal Euroleague t

This season is wellmed

On the first day of ticket sales, on Monday, the system failed to flow and flowed apart. Trade was started today at 12:00. and after just three hours the 9,000 sold out. No tickets for accountants.

6,000 subscribers are reserved for subscribers. tickets. Familiar with website, reserved tickets are still available. Selling these tickets until Friday morning will open up in trade.

“We didn't think there was such a bad noise, and the system was broken. Even last year, when we'd produced a good result, these numbers were smaller and the system was able to stand up. We are surprised. It is unfortunate that you are not happy, but do not lose, that little island, not all rooms. And we, as a club, have to pull out, and our partners must stretch, we see that. But, on the other hand, we are happy that these problems are nice – we didn't expect much attention. This season and the fans are fantastic, ”said Paul Motiejūnas.

Guarantees for the quarter quarter game from EUR 19 to EUR 80, with the runners – EUR 100. Places close to the square – about 200 euros.

Euroleague's Quarterfinal series, with three trophies, starts in Istanbul. The first two games will be held on April 16 and 18 at Ulker Sports Center.

The strongest League's continental basketball match will take place in Kaunas on 23 April and will be played on 25 April in the city of Arena if required. If you need a fifth game they will be on 30 April. was held in Turkey.

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