Irena Starošaitė, a lovely man: I was aware of the product for her first week

"I do not have too much pressure on a long time, since I always wanted to dry. My previous knowledge had lost a great weight – I tried a week for water Drinking and not eating anything, I just ate herd. I tried to preserve diet, as well as some of the capsules of dilute materials.

He received a few kilograms, but he did not return until he returned his return and sometimes increased … "- says Starošaitė in a press release.

– What is the reason why could now be lost?

Every woman wants to keep beautiful shapes. And I have no doubt. At one time, I felt it was hard to get into the stage clothes, and when I showed myself on the TV series, I realized I needed clothes or me change myself.

I did not want to keep the tasteful, tasty and tired foods, and I tried to try out what people are doing. praised.

I learned about Stockholm's diet on social networks. I also asked about the well-known celebrities, who have got this product well. I decided to work, anyway.

– How do you follow your diet?

It was a real demonstration; from the only day! Even more importantly, the foods offered are very tasty, and their preparation does not require much time. I prefer to & # 39; Counting inclinations, and thinking about eating – it's easy, everything goes to eat; Think about it, you must follow a dietary plan and taste flavor.

I was able to continue with my plan of diet and even lose weight even though I did; playing abroad.

Noticed the product for my first week when I lost 3 kilograms. In addition, I realized why everyone liked it; This food: one thing to eat is beautiful, and the other thing is to lose weight at the same time …

Now I lose the unnecessary weight, 9 kilograms altogether, I want the most beautiful dresses that will put pressure on the lines. I feel not only slower, but also younger, more lively.

Since I've lost weight, it's a suggestion that I'm spilled. See myself and myself in the mirror that I am worthy of these suggestions (smile).

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