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It has been successful in eliminating AIDS – millions of patients are injured

The second case did not do in history, when complicated bone marrow remodeling, revival of illness. Such a historical impact against the HIV virus that causes AIDS is called by a & # 39; International AIDS Association. Such news is hoping that one million people every year will be cured from a death that is killed.

For 37 million HIV passengers, excellent news from the United States International AIDS Conference came. Ten years after the first positive case of a person who is HIV. Getting on, British scientists are announcing a second issue of revival.

The two men succeeded in recovering from a completely different illness – blood cancer – they had a bone marrow transplant, and with them the patients got canceled that gave a variety of unusual breeding who is preventing their body from having a & # 39; HIV.

The first "patients in Berlin" was cured by her; A deadly virus, which had been causing bone marrow replacing over ten years ago, does not need to be more. taking anti-HIV drugs for many years.

Now, after the rehabilitation of the same medicine principal for the name of "London Patient", the virus has not been in the & # 39; body for years and seven months – so the first case was not in an accident.

"How patients treat cure depend only on the major medical scientists who work with him. I think we can expect ways to be suitable for all those infected with HIV, "said Timothy Ray Brown, a patient in Berlin.

However, doctors themselves say that more time is needed to prove the efficacy of this way, but he is pleased that this progress allows access to remedies for the disease reduced. Nearly 40 million people have died from the first HIV disease for almost 40 years.

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