January – 50% grow a new car market

last year

Last year, Jeep identifies the ferry to Lithuania, which has become one of the most exchanged. Illustrated by Vladimir Ivanov (V)

At the beginning of the year over half of the new cars registered in Lithuania re-exported with other European Union countries.

It is published by AutoResearch based on the V Regitra startup information, which was examined in accordance with the EU's regulated approach. 2019 Market Publishers Market Lithuania new car (M1 and N1) increased 50% to 3,580 units.

2018 2.389 cars were registered in January. Auto Research shows real re-exportation remains a fastening cornerstone: 1,355 new cars registered with dry (to 1,050 Fiat and 270 Jeep) were registered by the end of the month, and Almost at least 28 will be enrolled. It may be the biggest product in re-export to & # 39; new car for the EU.

Personalized car recording (M1) at January 49% was up to 3.145 units, and the market grew for light commercial vehicles (N1) even faster: + 55%, up to 435 units.

The most famous species

Last year, a new car market in Lithuania was on its own; Most Mark Fiat (1,082 units) re-export. At that time, Volkswagen (556 units) revealed a good market result, and Jeep re-exported third place (283 units). The second largest brand of marketing is Toyota (268) behind it and one fifth in official statistics and third place in real code (212). Among the prestine messages, Volvo's head (59).

In January, there were three modules on three European Union market modules: Fiat 500 (831 units), Jeep Renegade (172 units) and Fiat Type (116 units). Market leaders have come to Octavia (106 pcs), Volkswagen Tiguan and Volkswagen Transporter (86 units).

Fiat Doblo is the most popular commercial vehicle (N1) vehicles (89 units, of which 85 were again exported) and Volkswagen Caddy (69 units).

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